2 drives,2 o/s

  trevor-206026 21:17 03 Mar 2004

My pc has 2 drives in it,one has win98 se as the operating system
and i have just put win xp on to the second one.when i start up the pc it comes on in xp
and i would like to know if there is a way that i can choose which operating system i use.
i e,can i open up in either and when i am in one can i switch to the other.
If this is possible could you tell me how,would be greatly appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:46 03 Mar 2004

How did WinXP get onto the second disk? If you installed it while 98 was on the first one, then it should have given you an option.

Get something like bootmagic - it should detect the two OSs and create a menu for you.

  lilliebet 01:20 04 Mar 2004

XP will install itself on another drive if SE has created a partition for itself that's too small for XP.

Don't you get the choice on boot up?

  temp003 06:03 04 Mar 2004

Either you installed XP separately, or you set the XP hdd as the first bootable disk/partition (probably set it as master?). Then when you installed XP, because there were no existing 98 boot files on that hdd, no dual boot was created for you.

With this configuration, from XP, you probably can't see the 98 partition in My Computer, is that correct?

Your 98 hdd is still bootable. As an interim measure, you might be able to load 98 by going into BIOS and tell it to boot from the 98 hard disk.

Simplest thing is as suggested by Diodorus Siculus. Get Partition Magic which has bootmagic to do it for you. Note that bootmagic has to be installed on a FAT partition, so if your XP hdd has been formatted with NTFS, then you'll have to install it on the 98 hdd (and use 98 hdd as the boot device). In this kind of dual boot, when you're in one OS, you cannot see the other OS partition (only one active partition at a time). Whether it's worth getting PM just to get BM is another matter.

Another option (if you haven't installed too many programs in XP) is to set 98 disk as master, XP disk as slave. Make sure in BIOS that CDROM is first boot device, but also choose the master hdd as the hdd to boot from.

Then boot from XP CD to install a fresh copy of XP. When asked where to install, make sure that the graph shows the 98 hard disk as C. If not, don't proceed. If 98 hdd is C, select the XP disk to install XP to, but remember to format the partition again. Choose FAT if you want 98 to be able to see what's on the XP partition (as long as the XP partition is not larger than 32GB).

After installation of XP with 2 restarts, you'll get a dual boot menu.

  trevor-206026 16:00 04 Mar 2004

i copied everything from my "c drive "which is the master on to my "d drive"slave.i then did a clean&install with xp on my "c drive".it does not give me the option of opening either drive but i can see the drive icon in "my computer"and can open the drive up but it can not read the files.i have managed to transfer some digital photos.if i did an upgrade to the 98 drive would it convert the files to ntfs

  temp003 01:42 05 Mar 2004

When you "copied everything" from the master to the slave, did you do it in DOS or in Windows 98. Did you use any special software to do it?

If you merely did a simple copying in Windows 98, I doubt what's on D now is a complete copy of Windows 98. There are certain system files which could not be effectively copied while Windows 98 was running. D would also lack the 98 boot sector, unless it already had the 98 boot sector on it previously.

But there should be no problem with data files such as photos, documents and so on.

What I don't understand is XP can't read the files on D, but you managed to transfer some digital photos.

If XP can see the files in My Computer, then it should have no problem copying them over from D back to C.

When you say XP can't read the files, it may be because the program required to open the files has not been installed in XP yet. Photos are not a problem since XP has Internet Explorer built into it so it can open the photo files.

File system is not a problem because your D drive must be on FAT32 file system and XP (whether C is NTFS or FAT32) can read another FAT32 partition.

Tell me what you want to do. Just to retrieve your data files from D to C? Or do you still want a dual boot?

  trevor-206026 12:39 05 Mar 2004

if i installed msworks on to my xp hdd then transfered a file from msworks w98 hdd to xp hdd and tried to open it ,would it be able to read it as w98 is fat32 and xp is ntfs.

if this was possible then i could just copy everything back to xp hdd and then load xp onto the d drive.my concern is that i may loose files because they are not compatible with xp.

i thought a daul boot would be easy to set up but that does not seem so.if i can retrieve all my files and run them ok in xp that would be great

  temp003 13:46 05 Mar 2004

XP, installed on NTFS file system, can see another partition formatted in FAT32, and the files on that partition. That's no problem. That's why you were able to copy your photos. So don't worry about your old files on the 98 hdd being on FAT32.

Certain files need certain programs installed in order to open them properly and see the contents. That is a different thing from file system.

Yes, if you install MS Works on XP, XP will be able to open the MS Works files (whether the files are on the 98 hdd or XP hdd - you don't have to move them over to XP hdd, but you can). XP can use the files on the XP hdd, and also the files on the 98 hdd, as long as it has the right program to open the files.

What you want to do now is install the programs you need on to XP. After that, check that XP can open all the types of documents or files you have.

In case there is any old program which is not compatible with XP, either post back here or start a new thread to ask about it.

If all the files you need can be opened by XP, then you don't need to retain 98.

You can then decide how you want to organise the files. It is not a bad idea to keep your data files separate from the Windows partition. You may need to tidy them up a bit, get them better organised.

  trevor-206026 16:41 05 Mar 2004

temp003.thankyou very much for your help

  Spark6 16:48 05 Mar 2004

I also have 2 HDD's, Partition Magic and 98SE. As I am considering upgrading to XP I shall take notice of the previous advice and comments.


  Diodorus Siculus 17:00 05 Mar 2004

Spark6 - do you want to keep 98SE also? If so, boot with the XP Cd and choose custom install. Install XP onto a different partition than 98 and it will go smoothly.

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