2 Drives (I'm Confused)

  NotSureBoutThis 05:47 10 Oct 2006


I bought a new computer in July this year.

To my knowledge, I have not downloaded that much, only what I have needed for my computer.

I have noticed within MY Computer I have 2 drives “Acer C” & “Acer D”

C drive has 71% free space
D drive has 99% free space

I run CCleaner – AdAware - Disk cleanup, & Disk Defragment every week.

Seems strange I have used so much free space, in such a short space of time.

How come I have 2 drives, and, what is the difference between the 2; please can you explain in simple terms, as I am not computer literate.

Trust the above is self-explanatory

  The Old Mod 06:29 10 Oct 2006

Hi, you have nothing to worry about, the pc probably has one physical hard drive which has been divided in two (partitioned) c and d. Normally by default software will be installed on c drive, that's why your d drive is empty, and c has a bit of space used. There is no difference between the two apart from the drive letter, you could use d for saving music or photos files etc, but if you do use d for music files for example, then when asked where to save them to, you will need to specify d drive.
Hope this helps.

  anskyber 09:32 10 Oct 2006

Do you have a CD or DVD drive or such like. They will show as drives. Assuming you are in XP. Go to My computer, then right click the "C" drive choose properties.and it will give the capacity of the drive and the remaining space. Doing similar to "D" will give you more info on that drive.

  Smiler 16:42 10 Oct 2006

What is the size of each drive?

  Pamy 17:29 10 Oct 2006

NotSureBoutThis, As you only bought this computer in july, why not contact the supplier/shop you had it from and ask them for the full specification?

  NotSureBoutThis 19:43 10 Oct 2006


Thanks for the reply.

I understood the 1st too replies, until Smiler & Pamy answered (no offence)

I apologise for being ignorant, but I have no idea when it comes to computers.

I right clicked on properties within “My Computer” it states: capacity 35GB, I have used 10GB and 25GB left, trust I have explained this correctly.

I bought it from Comet, and to be honest, they are not much help; they have referred me to their help line, which I think is a premium rate.

Since joining this site, I have learnt so much in the last 4 days, I am grateful to all those that have assisted me.

  ed-0 19:52 10 Oct 2006

All acer computers have the hard disks partitioned in to two equal parts. ( thats my experience )They usually use the file format of FAT32.

The first side of the partition is usually used for windows and programs, the C drive.

The second side of the partition is usually used for documents, photos, backup's etc.

" Seems strange I have used so much free space, in such a short space of time. "

You have :-

C drive has 71% free space
D drive has 99% free space

So the C drive is just a quarter full

and the

D drive is empty.

So you have a lot of space, that is free space you posted and not used space.

  NotSureBoutThis 20:06 10 Oct 2006

OK, I understand, thank you for your assistance, It has been a great help.

  Minkey1 20:29 10 Oct 2006

We've two Acer laptops in the house, and both have the one drive, partitioned as yours is. As you only bought the machine in July it'll be running Windows XP and 10Gb for the system and Acer's pre-installed software (plus your CCleaner etc) seems about right to me.

Keep your security programmes running and up to date, avoid dodgy sites and opening emails from unknown senders, and you'll be fine.

If you look at Acer's site click here you should be able to find the spec's of your particular machine if none of the bumf in the box helps.

  De Marcus™ 20:29 10 Oct 2006

Don't forget, Acer machines come with a hidden restore partition (about 3-4gb) so that amount will be subtracted from your total disk space as well.

  oldal 09:46 11 Oct 2006

You can call Comet at normal rate rather than an 0870 number on 01482 -320681 this is their Hull head office. Ask for Customer Services.

Number obtained from SAYNOTO0870

click here

Very usefull site !

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