2 drives

  podlod 14:29 27 Jan 2007

Hi there, I have 2 separate drives being C and D drive. When I type a letter or save anything on one of the drives be it C or D it makes a copy so I have 2, one being in C drive and one in E drive. How can I separate and just have one in either of the drives, and when I delete one the other automaticaly deletes also, please help. Thanks

  Totally-braindead 15:27 27 Jan 2007

Do you perhaps have RAID? RAID 1 is when the computer clones the drive making 2 copies as you've described.
Do you know if you have this?

  podlod 11:20 28 Jan 2007

Hi Braindead, not sure if I have this or not? where do I find out and how do I remove or change it. Thanks TB.

  podlod 14:36 01 Feb 2007

Hi Braindead, well I finally found out all about raid and I dont have raid.But I solved the prob anyway, well my engineer did. Thanks for the help.

  Tazfan 17:02 01 Feb 2007

Any chance of us being filled in on what was done? I would find it handy knowing how to save things to two seperate disks without haveing to copy stuff. It would save oodles of times.

If you could say what your engineer did, we should be able to reverse it.

  podlod 15:17 05 Feb 2007

Hi Tazfan, I am sorry but I am not sure what he did, but he said before he made a shortcut and now he has reversed the situation, but I will ask him for you, ok.

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