2 computers...1 cable

  'oppy 22:22 10 Jan 2003
  'oppy 22:22 10 Jan 2003

Is it possible to disconnect the computer Im using now, from my ntl cable modem, then connect a laptop to same, then back again, without having to change anything and still use the same settings, or do I have to reconfigure the laptop into ntl's system, to use both computers on the same connection ?

  Sir Radfordin™ 22:25 10 Jan 2003

You should be able to do it without any probelms. However, I think you need to make sure you have registered something called the MAC address for both computers.

There is nothing to stop you doing this, but you will need to have both computers set up with the correct settings (which will be pretty much the same for both machines) for it to work.

  jazzypop 22:34 10 Jan 2003

9 times out of 10 it will work just fine. As Sir Rad says, NTL examines the MAC address of your PC. Their system now copes with 2 MAC addresses at the same time - previously, you may have had to wait up to 24 hrs for the new MAC address to be recognised.

One other little 'gotcha' - if your laptop is currently setup to login to an office server (domain), you will almost certainly need to reconfigure the laptop to allow it to detect whether it is on your home or office network.

Finally, if you will doing this regularly, consider buying a router. These are less than £60 now, and will allow you to have both connected at the same time.

  'oppy 00:30 11 Jan 2003

Thanks, each, is it techy stuff with these routers, I thought it might be just plug and swap, (like moving from phone socket with a trailing lead with a phone and plugging in another socket) as its the cable modem Ive paid for, how do they know which computer I would have plugged in?

  jazzypop 00:40 11 Jan 2003

Every network card has a unique MAC address, entered at the factory as it is made. NTL check that the correct (i.e. registered) MAC matches.

Routers are quite straightforward - run a cable from the NTL modem to the router, then run a cable from the router to each PC (that's an Ethernet cable with an RJ45 connector, of course).

  'oppy 00:58 11 Jan 2003

looks like Ill need 30ft cable and a router then, cos I want to use my laptop on the internet in another room, while my missus is on the puter playing games (not on the web)in this room along the landing...ahh well..more money...cheers

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