2 computers with picasa

  bristolgirl 14:38 20 Jan 2011

Hello again helpful people and Happy New Year!

I have Picasa on my laptop which I access through my gmail acccount. I have uploaded them, so I can access them from any PC or allow friends and family to see selected folders. I have also paid for extra storage.

I would like to make use of Picasa that I already have installed on my desktop too. If I access it again through my gmail account, can I then upload photos from my desktop to the same account? Also, if this is possible, what happens to any duplicate photos? Also, it maybe that I have the same photos on each computer but I have probably called them different file and folders names.

I should mention too, that my laptop still runs on XP whilst my desktop is Windows 7.

Once again, many thanks for your help!

Many thanks

  Terry Brown 14:44 20 Jan 2011

Normally I would say use the networking to share files between computers, however XP & windows 7 do not speak the same languge (silly).

As far as I am aware, google sorts the files only on the computer they are actuually stored on.

You might be better off (in Picassa) exporting the photo's you want to a memory stick and plug that into the laptop and Visa-versa..

On Picassa, if you Export, you get a clean copy of the latest adjustments.

Hope this helps

  Terry Brown 15:04 20 Jan 2011

There is a program called VISIPICS click here which will help you sort out your duplicated photo's.

It looks for similarities between photo's regardless of the name, and lets you select which to keep.

The program is free and works well.


  bristolgirl 16:26 20 Jan 2011

Many thanks Terry!

I can see that I am going to tie myself in knots over this. Maybe the best solution is to use picasa on my desktop using a different googlemail account. But then again, I will then have to pay for another lot of storage.

On, I don't know! My brain hurts. Maybe I need to do the memory stick thing after all.

Thank you again. The help and support I get from this site is always appreciated.

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