2 CDRW problems

  Josquius 20:12 14 Oct 2003

Firstly what is the best way to backup data to a CDRW? I am planning to reformat though have lots of documents, saved games etc.. I wish to keep so I have bought some CDRWs. So far I have tried-
InCD- The computer can not read the CD on explorer or anything so I can not copy my data onto the CD. Incd has previously worked for me however though this was with another kind of cdrw
Nero- I chose to burn a data cd and it seemed to work up to a point. Using mycomputer I can even see my file on the disk.
However when I try to open it or copy it off the disk it doesn't load (I allowed it 10 minutes to attempt to load on my dvd drive but to no avail)
So what is the best way to back up?

The second problem results from trying to use nero-
When mycomputer stopped responding I followed the course of action which worked with incd and ejected my tray however it no longer goes in or out right. It stops after a inch or too and I must push it in then press the button and hope this takes it inwards. Anyway to fix this?

  Gongoozler 20:37 14 Oct 2003

Hi Josquius. I think the best way to back up the data is to use nero or similar writing software rather than InCD. With InCD you can only read the files on a computer with a similar packet writing utility. Your other problem sounds more serious Your cd writer seems to be developing a number of problems. If you have a UDF formatted disk in a drive for use with InCD, the drive eject button is disabled so you can only eject the disk through software such as via My Computer. I suspect that the background to your problem may be that you had a software problem and in trying to resolve it you may have used excessive force to remove the disk and damaged the drive. I could be wrong, but need more background information to come to a more informed decision. You may be interested to know that there was a cd writing software program on the cover disk of the November issue of PC Advisor.

  Josquius 15:55 15 Oct 2003

I'll try and explain it better.
I put a few of the files I wished to keep into a .zip then burned this on NERO as a data CD.
After burning I went to windows explorer to see if it had worked properly however clicking on the drive said the typical there was is disk present message. So I tried my computer and using that I was able to access the disk and see my zip file. I went to open the zip file however it was 5minutes+ in loading so I pressed ctrl, alt and del and sure enough exploring E wasn't responding so as I had done before with no ill effects I ejected the CD by pressing the button on the drive. The computer brought up the blue screen error message that it wasn't present so I pressed esc to cancel as normal. However when I pressed the button on the drive it only moved in a inch or so and further presses moved it a few cms one way or the other.
I eventually got it back in by slowly pushing it in then pressing the button and getting lucky with it going inwards rather then outwards.

  Josquius 16:33 15 Oct 2003

hmm it seems to have fixed itself over night.
No matter how many times I shut down and restarted yesterday it still did it though now it seems fine.

Anyway the only matter at hand is how to back up data to cdrw and be able to read it again.

  Gongoozler 17:58 15 Oct 2003

Hi Josquius. If your computer is saying that the drive isn't present, especially if BIOS also doesn't recognise it, then be a process of elimination you have to find if it's the drive, cable or motherboard at fault. If the drive is recognised but not the disk, then either you are using a brand of disks that the drive doesn't like or the drive itself is faulty.

  HardChikn 18:17 15 Oct 2003

Just a thought..! It might be tell-tale signs of a failing drive. I once had a Cd writer that packed up. Before it died, the cd tray would move in and out at odd times. Then it started doing it at reboots. The phenomena ceased for a few days then started again for about 3days then the drive died. Gateway replaced it free of charge.

  Josquius 17:31 16 Oct 2003

It hasn't happened since that night.

So does no one know the right way to back up to CD? I really am getting sick of this falling to bits windows98 and wish to reformat.

  woodchip 17:43 16 Oct 2003

Yes InCD should be OK as you are only using the files on your own Computer. Right click INCD in system tray and choose format with a CDRW disc in the comp. When it's formated the CDRW you can use like a big floppy disc in Explorer by drag and copy files

  Josquius 18:28 16 Oct 2003

Explorer refuses to read the CD if done by incd though.

  R4 19:19 16 Oct 2003

The problem with CDRW's is that a normal reader will not read them as the burn is too light. CDR's are cheap enough to use for this and you will also have a permanent backup.

RE: Explorer refuses to read the CD if done by incd though.

Explorer should read the CD written bu INCD if INCD is running. I think INCD is crap anyway and use Roxios' Direct CD for this type of storage but again it has to be Running to allow explorer to read the CD uless it has been finalised.

  Gongoozler 19:23 16 Oct 2003

Hi Josquius. We seem to be going round the same circle again here. The simplest way to back up data files is to write them to a cd using Nero or some similar cd writing software. Having written them you should be able to read them with almost any reasonably modern cd drive. Some cd drives are a bit fussy about what make of cd you use, so when you have found a brand your drive is happy with, it is a good idea to stick with it. If your drive is proving unreliable about reading cds then you can get a new cd drive for about £12 or a good cd-rw for under £40. Using InCD you can treat the cd like an extra large floppy, but it can only be read on a computer running InCD or a similar packet writing utility. In either case backing up the data is just a matter of writing to the cd.

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