2 BB lines, 2 Routers, 1 LAN

  splatter 16:48 28 Jul 2009

We currently have two lines coming into our building, with 2 routers ( Draytek and Netgear )

Currently the net gear is running sweet and is set up for all out VoiP phone system and VPN on out first (primary) BB line. No DHCP as all that is handled by our Domain Controller.

The Draytek router is also set up and running on the secondry BB line, although not currently plugged into our LAN in anyway. Though it is verified and working. Can connect to it and browse away all day long...in fact, WoW runs sweet with no other users on it ;)

Anyway, what we would like to do is have both routers on the same network but utilise the seperate BB connections. Kind of like load balancing. The idea will be that some standard users will connect to access points router via the primary line and others (like the IT staff) will use the secondary line.

We need to do this to minimise network traffic as our webservices and domain are all handled by the first line so would like to take some load off it, but also as a backup in case (for some reason) our primary connection fails.

So how is this done? Does it require specialist hardware or is it a case of subnetting and static routes all over the show??

Thanks for any help,

  ambra4 18:07 28 Jul 2009

What you need is a Load Balancing Router with 2 wan ports

Edimax 2 WAN + 4LAN Load Balancing Router

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Smart Load Balancing Three load balancing types allow administrators to manage the load balancing methods best suited to the LAN environment and to maximize bandwidth across different connections.

High availability with double bandwidth For small-to-medium size business, Load Balancing is the ideal product.

With Load Balancer, up to 253 users are connected to the Internet with Double Broadband Speed.

Load Balancing supports QoS for controlling traffic priority.

With QoS, businesses can make the critical traffic or application at high priority and route first.

WAN port Health Check to against connection fail

Load Balancing offers automatic outbound traffic backup to against the failure of either broadband connection to protect your business.

  splatter 09:32 29 Jul 2009

We dont want to be buying new hardware at the minute as we as an IT dept. are trying to keep the FD happy after dropping a load of money on fiber optic gear, however out draytek router has load balancing capabilities already.

Do both routers need this feature or should the one with the ability be able to handle any loads on its own??

One of the ports on it is 'WAN Ethernet" - is this the one we need to be looking at in this instance??

  ambra4 12:35 29 Jul 2009

“One of the ports on it is 'WAN Ethernet"

You need a 2 Wan Ethernet ports on the Load Balancing Router one for each incoming

Broadband line modem

You connect both incoming broadband modem lines to the Load Balancing Router wan

ports and from the 4 LAN ports you connect network switches / hubs, web servers,

mail server, single user, etc

Download the “User Manual” from Edimax and read how the Edimax 2 WAN +

4LAN Load Balancing Router works and how to configure to balance the load

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