2 accounts when partitioning

  Willow12 14:54 03 Jun 2003

I have 2 user accounts on my single 80GB HD partition. Once I have created my new partitions using Partition Magic 8 I want to move My Docs, My Pictures, My Music etc into one of the new partitons. When I do this will the other users docs, pictures, music etc also be moved to that partition? Or would they also have to drop their versions of this into a new drive as well under their own sign-on?

  leo49 15:57 03 Jun 2003

Don't have multiple accounts[so I expect someone will correct if I'm wrong] but logically each user should have to log on and redirect the special folders.

I say redirect because it's not just a matter of cutting and pasting the folders. The registry entries have to be changed. The easiest way is to download Powertoys Tweakui XP from MS which will enable you to do this and a lot of other desirable tweaks.


  Willow12 17:18 03 Jun 2003

I do have Tweak Ui for XP. What do I have to do to change the Register entries? Specicially for the purpose of have a separate partition for Music, Pictures etc. Will they need to be changed for everthing that I move to another drive?

Also when I try to resize my existing partition to create room for the new ones under 'Resize/Move Partition' in Partition Magic 8, there is a boundary mark at about 8gb which, when I go over this, I am told 'This partition crosses the 1024 cylinder boundary and may not be bootable'. I intended having around 10gb for my C: Drive as it already has nearly 5.5gb use on it just for Windows XP and the dozen or so programs that I have installed. (this is possibly this size down to the separate users issue as our settings are different). Can I safely make this 10gb and still be bootable or is there a simpler way for me to be doing my partitioning using PM8 (there does seem to be several ways of reaching the same outcome)?

Some general advise on how you partition leo49 might be helpful.


  leo49 17:23 03 Jun 2003

Where are at,at the moment? Do you still have your HDD as One partition?

  Willow12 17:25 03 Jun 2003

Yes nothing done yet

  leo49 17:41 03 Jun 2003

OK.First move is to resize your current one whole-drive partition in order to create free space for your new partitions. To do this,click in the graphic bar of your C drive,rightclick and select move/resize.Another box pops up with a bar of your drive.Place the cursor at the extreme right edge of the bar and you'll get a Double arrow[NOT the 4 sided arrow - that's for moving a partition],then move this cursor to the left down until you reach your required size. Don't worry about the warning message - you can safely ignore it. Trust me!

You then have free space in which to create your new partitions.[right click in the free space and select Create].

After you've created your partitions, you can use Tweakui to retarget your special folders.[it comes under My Computer tab.

I'll be around till 6.30 if you need anything else.

  Willow12 17:43 03 Jun 2003

Cheers wish me luck!

  Willow12 18:14 03 Jun 2003

I have now done a basic partition

C Drive now 10gb primary

New F Drive 70gb logical

Is it under My Computer, Special Folders, Change location in Tweak UI that I need to be in to move stuff to New Drive? Also a right click drag of Programs to My Computer and once over F Drive then select move to? Is this all I need?

Thanks for your help so far.

  leo49 18:33 03 Jun 2003

Hang on.I don't understand what you intend but it doesn't sound good.I think it's best to create your intended partitions first and get those in place.

You can't drag installed programs anywhere.- If I've misunderstood,forgive me but

"Also a right click drag of Programs to My Computer and once over F Drive then select move to?"

I don't get what you mean.

  Willow12 18:41 03 Jun 2003

More idle speculation really, I don't intend moving files until I have finished my partitions. The drag and drop thing was just my theory as I don't really know what I am doing.

The bottom line is, how do I move docs over once I am ready to do so?

I know I said about dragging programs but I meant My Documents, My Pictures etc rather than programs. All programs will remain on C.

  leo49 18:49 03 Jun 2003

Create a folder on the doc partition for My Documents,then in explorer or My computer cut and paste the contents of the My Docs folder on the C drive into the new folder.

Then run PowertoysTweakui. On the left hand side there is a tree of categories.Under My Computer you'll find special folders.Select the ones you want to move in turn and point them at the new folder.

Gotta go out to install XP for a punter. There's plenty that can help you, so be cautious.

Good luck

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