1TB Hard Drive DEAD :( Any suggestions please!!

  fairycatkat 23:48 11 Oct 2010

I have an Iomega st31000528as seagate barracuda, 1tb.
Had ALL my photographs on it, archiving back to 2004.
It spins, but computer doesn't recognize it, it also says i/o error!

Please help me! I am freaking out, I've only had it 8 months and never dropped it or exposed it to moisture! :( :( :(

It was only half full and has its own power supply.

  woody 00:09 12 Oct 2010

Try taking it out and then replacing it - reseating it and cables.
In future do not rely on only one set of important items.Good luck - others will be along with other ideas.
If all ideas fail there are people who can recover your data -for a fee.

I'm assuming you had SMART enabled on it?

Having looked at click here it seems quite a few people have had faults with it.

Did you notice any SMART errors before it died?

Also what operating system are you using? You could perhaps try a linux live cd and see if that can get to it. Windows once buggered up for me and wouldn't let me view a disk; linux however read it fine so it's worth a try maybe?

  robin_x 08:42 12 Oct 2010

Also have a look round Seagate.com, support and downloads.

Try Sea Tools Diagnostics.
Try different USB ports. Power down/up the unit while plugged into USB. (check safe remove hardware tab in case it shows there)

Found this forum page, but it may not apply and it's a little old Try recent forum threads.

click here

You could open the unit and try the HDD directly connected as an internal SATA drive on a PC (need SATA and power cables). It may just be the USB interface. Or maybe not.

Of course that would invalidate the Iomega Warranty. Seagate warranty maybe OK though for the internal drive.

What does your retailer say? Can you risk repair/investigation without it just being replaced by a new blank drive?

Can they check the internal drive under warranty?
eg I am thinking of a PC World while you wait type thing.

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