1st time buying a gaming pc...

  leahuk 21:47 29 Jan 2012


I am a complete newbie in this field. I'm looking for a gaming PC (custom or otherwise) that can play the more recent games (Battlefield 3, for example)on MAX settings.

I've been researching for days but find the whole process very confusing. I know nothing about graphics cards or rams or any of that caper so I don't think I can make my own rig; and I really wouldn't feel comfortable attempting it because I know I'd only mess it up.

I have a budget of say £1800, so if you could point me in the right direction or recommend a PC within my budget I'd very much appreciate it.

Many thanks.

  KRONOS the First 06:26 30 Jan 2012

For £1800 you can get an extremly capable gaming PC. I'll have a look later and get back to you.

  KRONOS the First 09:58 30 Jan 2012

In my opinion you should be looking for a HD 6970 (ATI) or GTX 580 (Nvidia) graphics card, I would also be looking for a SSD boot drive,quality RAM and Mobo with a decent PSU. For that sort of cash you might as well go the 3D option and look for a system that includes a 3D monitor.

Some good PC's here. PCspecialist.

Or here. Chillblast

  leahuk 11:22 30 Jan 2012

Thanks for your reply :-)

I stumbled across this PC yesterday, it has a NVIDA GTX 580 graphics card. But is it value for money or does the system lack in other areas? When I read the specs of these things it's just alien to me.


Also, about the 3D capabilities. I wouldn't mind sacrificing that for more quality in the PC itself. I have a 3D tv and never use it to be honest. I find 3D hurts my eyes and that it's a little overrated.

Thanks again for your reply :-)

  KRONOS the First 11:44 30 Jan 2012

Unfortunately Novatech do not come with Windows installed so that is an extra. If you look above the price you will see a box where you can add the operating system which is another £90 extra so well within budget.

To be honest not a bad system, Novatech have a fair reputation but I must admit I do not know what there complete systems are like.

I quite like this because on the whole better components add a monitor keyboard and mouse and still well within budget.


Or this which comes complete.


  leahuk 14:09 30 Jan 2012

Hi, thanks again

Both of those machines look great. Would they run the latest games on full settings then?

And out of the 2 which would you buy personally?



  KRONOS the First 16:45 30 Jan 2012

Yes they will play your games at high or very or even ultra.

As I tend to build my own and for the most part have usually had ATI graphics cards as opposed to Nvidia then I think I would go for the Chillblast as it has a HD 6970 but it also has a 120GB SSD which is good.+ you have decent bunch of peripherals.

A very nice set up.I am not sure about the case but I like a widow with blue fans etc. A bit of bling never hurt anybody.

  leahuk 17:08 30 Jan 2012

Thanks Chronus.

One last question: should I update things like the processor from an intel core i5 to an i7, and for an extra £225 the graphics card to a 'NVIDIA Quadro 2000 1GB Professional Video Card' or would that be a waste of money in your opinion?


  KRONOS the First 17:31 30 Jan 2012

the CPU is probably all you will need,its a great chip. As you can see buy this comparison: 2500K vs 2600k. There really is not enough of a difference to warrant the extra ton.

As for the graphic card question the card you mention is not a gaming card but for people who use Autocad for 2D and 3D design work.

  leahuk 14:35 31 Jan 2012

Hi Chronus,

Are either of these as good as the Chillblast Fusion Flash model you recommended? I only ask because I could pick one of these up from my local store today rather than wait for the Chillblast Fusion Flash to be delivered.





  KRONOS the First 15:04 31 Jan 2012


I would advice waiting on the Chillblast as the first one from PCWorld is rubbish,I have not got a clue as to how they are charging that much for it.Absolute rubbish graphics card. The second one is no better.

Also they have a horrendous customer service reputation. The one from Chillblast blows these to out of the water and then some. Far better quality than you will ever get from PCWorld.

I build all my own PC's I have never bought a component from them, they tend to be more expensive for a start.

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