1st degree burns

  quitiraq 22:30 01 Jan 2007

First post here from an XP user and beginner as far as burning CDs is concerned.

Before going any further may I say I am very glad of the opportunity to post here and thank the hosts for setting the site up.

The aim of burning CDs was to free pc disc space.

Engraving photo files from digisnapcam was simple (Casio Exilim).

Music files - taking up most disc space - proved trickier. Successfully uploaded an 103mega octec cd. Wanted to give the file correct name after burn. Then trouble began.

1st after burn CD space available registered 0 octets which is impossible as music was recorded and playing successfully.
2nd Impossible to delete files from CD
3rd Impossible to record over files. Tried re-engraving CD again - this time from file instead of root where individual track files are located.
4th note (after burn) that music file source on the hard drive were stored as "read only" and were burned to CD thus.
5th On the newly burned CD am unable to change the "read only" feature.

Perhaps some kind soul could point me to a useful CD burning site for beginners (when I went off in search I washed up on the sunny shores of PC Advisor;-)

Beyond that my questions are :
-Are "read only" instructions are burned irrevocably to the CD? Can nothing be done about it?
-To get the CD to reveal how much free space is left on it, how to proceed?
-How to proceed to add the album title to the CD? - Why does the system seems to refuse any other material to the CD even though over 590 mb space remains.

Sorry to sound like a bit of a berk here!

To anyone able to offer some guidance I'd be most grateful. Exchange is possible with, for example, information on legislative issues underway in the European Union (as a journalist covering EU activities out of Brussels - patents, open source, etc.)

I can be skyped too, though don't know if this is allowed from this forum.

Thanks for hearing me out.

  woodchip 22:41 01 Jan 2007

CDR are write once. CDRW can be altered Read and Write. All CD's Burned are changed to read only. They have to be changed back on the Computer, you cannot do it on a CD

  Devil Fish 22:41 01 Jan 2007

once a cd is burned you cannot delete the files unless it is a re-writable cd

burned cd's will be read only, As once burned to cd you will not have the opportunity to edit delete etc, To change the attribute you would have to copy to your file hard drive remove the read only attribute to make your changes then re-burn to disk

hope this is of some help

  Devil Fish 22:43 01 Jan 2007

copy to your file hard drive = copy your file to hard drive

  woodchip 22:44 01 Jan 2007

to use a CDRW like a big floppy disc, You have to format the CDRW disc with packet writing software like "Direct CD"

  quitiraq 03:37 02 Jan 2007

This is a good start Woodchip and Devil Fish (or is that Phish?) Thank you for your prompt responses.

There are further minor questions though... such as, when space is left on a CD after some data has been burned onto it, can the rest of the free space be used up?

I was unable to upload anything onto a 700 mega CD-R after music files of 103 mega were uploaded. Is this normal. It seems odd. Especially as several photo files were successfully uploaded to another CD-R in several stages.

The problem CD-R also does not reveal how much space is left on it... even though 103 mega of music are on, the disc info displays 0 space used, total disc space available... and then, irritatingly, the disc rejects any further attempts to upload further data on to it.

CD-Rs are sometimes defective it seems. In this case Maxell is the brand, which I thought was quite reliable.

Quite understand if I've burned up my credits on this issue by now... wonder if there is such a thing as a "teach yourself how to" site for beginners on issues such as this?

Thanks and morning all...!

  woodchip 09:35 02 Jan 2007

In NERO when you have the Explorer like window Open, Where you drag files from right to left, at the Bottom you should see a line that as colours from left to right plus a cut off point with a dashed line over that line and you have to remove files. And yes you should be able to put more files on the disc

  Greengage 09:57 02 Jan 2007

You should only be able to put more files on the disk (CD-R not CD-RW)if it has not been finalised. To do this you need to select multi-session.

  keef66 09:58 02 Jan 2007

In Nero and with Easy Cd Creator you get the option of burning a multi session CD. This allows you to record data to the disk in several instalments until it's full.

If you don't select multi-session, the default is to finalise the disk, regardless of how much data has just been burned to it, and then you cannot add more later.

Not sure about using XP's own CD burning function

  ardubbleyu 10:58 02 Jan 2007

XP's own burning function is courtesy of Roxio. (Easy CD etc.) It too finalises disks as default.

  Stuartli 12:33 02 Jan 2007

As others have stated, using multisession in Nero or EasyCD for CD-Rs is the best way to maximise disk use.

However it is critically important that, following each multisession addition of a file or files, that the session is Saved afterwards every time until the disk is finalised.

If each session is not saved, then some or all of the files cannot be read or opened afterwards.

Nero always asks if you wish to Save the latest session.

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