1mb phone line limited broadband - can i upgade

  mrwoowoo 15:43 18 Aug 2007

Had bt round today as am having trouble with my 1mb connection with aol( not aol's fault for once ).
Engineer put in a new 1mb line but said we are lucky to get 512kbs due to distance from exchange and can't believe we have had 1mb with no problems for so long.
As we still struggle with 1mb is there any way we can go higher as i remember when we had broadband first installed the engineer said something about installing some box for a fee to enable us to upgrade?
Any links or info would be most welcome.
I forgot to ask the engineer this time DOH!

  Pineman100 16:09 18 Aug 2007

I had a BT engineer in to check my (nominally) 2Mb connection, last week.

According to my understanding of what he told me, an ADSL Max exchange (which ours is) will theoretically give you up to 8Mb - in practice that maximum is actually about 7.5Mb. But you would only get that if you lived right next door to the exchange.

I'm about 3km from the exchange, and he reckoned that I ought to be able to get between 1Mb and 2Mb.

The other factor that can considerably affect your speed is contention - that is, the number of people who are also using up the bandwidth of your BT circuit. You'll probably find that, under the terms of your contract, this could be up to 49 others.

I understand that some ISP's (Talk Talk and Sky for example) fit their own equipment into telephone exchanges, and this can often give you a better broadband speed. But your distance from the exchange is still a significant factor.

You can get a rough idea of the speed of your connection by entering your telephone number at this BT website. click here. But don't rely on just one test - run several at different times/days of the week, and average the results.

  Clapton is God 16:47 18 Aug 2007

"Engineer put in a new 1mb line"

What do you mean by this?

There might be some degradation of performance over time - but a BT copper line is a BT copper line.

This site will give you info on the (theoretical)maximum available speed at your address click here

  mrwoowoo 16:59 18 Aug 2007

the engineer said the cable was a bit iffy so he renewed it basically at the junction box.
bt line test comes back at 0.5 meg )o:
Just wondered if there are other options as we are about 6kms from the exchange.

  Clapton is God 17:01 18 Aug 2007

"Just wondered if there are other options as we are about 6kms from the exchange"


  mrwoowoo 18:03 18 Aug 2007

cable not an option as i live on isle of sheppey and the cable companies have not crossed the great divide yet.
bt said why don't i go on an 8 meg package!
how can i do that when my line can only physically handle 1 mb max?

  Clapton is God 18:12 18 Aug 2007

Have you tried the link yet in my post of 16:47 to see what line speed is available to you?

  woodchip 18:21 18 Aug 2007

You can not get any higher on a BT line, Limit is set by the Cable

  mrwoowoo 18:50 18 Aug 2007

not your link,no as i am at work at present.
done various speed check sites and all say 0.5 - 1mb.
thats what i think,but was wondering if there was a way around it.
I fear not.

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