1Mb AOL very slow.

  joethebow 00:04 30 Jan 2005

I recently moved from BT 500K to AOL 1Mb Broadband and I'm not very impressed at present.

I had a problem which had noting to do with AOL or Broadband that forced me to Reformat my HDD. So I've got a new installation of XP with all the updates. Everything is working properly. I have no viruses and no spyware, I'm using several programmes to prevent these.

Anyway down to the problem, If I have three Torrents open each downloading, say 7K each then everything slows down to worse than a 56k connection. I just don't know what's causing the slow down. I ran an On-line ckeck and it said my connection speed was 765kb/s.

Is there any programme that will show each programme accessing the net and how much bandwith it is using? Or do you have any other suggestion?

  Completealias 00:09 30 Jan 2005

Don't know if theres any software you can use to c whats going on but I personally wouldn't touch AOL with a bargepole almost everyone that I know that uses them has complained about slow connects and sometime no access at all. Other people may have other opinions.

  Djohn 00:10 30 Jan 2005

765 is on the slow side for a 1Mb connection, I would expect you to be seeing 920 - 940 Kbs. Are you sure you don't have any virus on your system?

Have you had a word with AOL on this and if so what do they say regarding the speed?

  joethebow 00:19 30 Jan 2005

I'm as sure as I can be, the system's less than 12 hours old, I'm running AVG7 (updated) and the new Microsft anti-spyware programme.

I went to AOL because both BT and Wanadoo imposed 3GB transfer limits and on a 1mb line that's rediculous. How can they say it's unlimited access with download limits. If AOL impose limits then I'll find another home.

Yes 750K is way to slow. Now that I've got my system back up and running I'll do some investigations and try to boost this.

  toni b 00:25 30 Jan 2005

I could be that because you are downloading/uploading the torrents it is slowing down your access.also you should rely to much on the test results, you will need to do the same test over differnet times of the day to get a more realistic result Limit you up loads to around 28kbs total and see if that improves results.

  Djohn 00:30 30 Jan 2005

Phone AOL helpline and let them know what your current speed is. They will look into it for you and if they can't make an adjustment at their end they will ask BT to do a line check.

Once the line check has been done, test your speed again, if there is no improvement phone the AOL help line again and ask to speak with a technician who will take you through all the settings for your modem. I think you will find they are very helpful and will do all they can to improve your connection speed.

  ACOLYTE 00:34 30 Jan 2005

3GB transfer limit? with BT as far as i know Bt havent put the capping in to affect yet,middle of this year i think,with a charge for going over it to be arranged but at the moment it is supposed to be 30GB for 1mb line, i have gone way over this but wont be charged until the limits come in effect so im doing all my dloading now,lol.

  herc182 00:39 30 Jan 2005

its your torrents. although they say 7kb/s each, they may spike and they are bandwidth hungry. the uploads would not change your downloading speed but i would recommend stopping the torrents and viewing the internet that way. there is no way of stopping the torrents grabbing all the downloading bandwidth they want so they will have it!

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