1GB RAM significantly better than 512MB for games?

  john74 02:28 25 May 2004

Currently have the following system:

Athlon XP 2800+
Gigabyte GA7VAXP
Radeon 9700 Pro
120GB Seagate Barracuda (8MB)

Would doubling up my RAM to 1GB provide much imporvement in gaming performance, particularly for newer titles such as Battlefield Vietnam?

  hugh-265156 04:51 25 May 2004

latest games yes

i tried the far cry demo the other day and checked task manager for peak memory usage afterwards and it was almost 650mb

before playing i shut down everything else and with just 110mb or so used before starting it up it would seem it consumed 500mb itself :-)

recommended specs click here

i only have 512 of ram myself and it played ok though with no thrashing or slowdowns.going to add some more ram myself soon.

  keith-236785 09:15 25 May 2004

dont forget older windows (98,ME) only support 512mb memory, others (2000,XP) support more so the upgrade would also depend on your O/S.

  john74 18:41 25 May 2004


I'm running Win Xp Professional, so in priniciple there is no bar to greater amounts of RAM from the O/S point of view

My current RAM is DDR 333, and I am running a 333FSB CPU, yet the M/B can take DDR400 RAM. Is there any advantage to buying DDR 400 RAM for my next lot or would it be best to stick with 333.

  rickimalone 19:00 25 May 2004

The 2800+ FSB is max 333MHZ DDR which goes with your current RAM PC2700 333MHZ DRR.

If you got PC3200 400MHZ DDR RAM your PC FSB will run only as fast as it's slowest component so effectively remain at 333MHZ DDR with the RAM running at 333MHZ DDR.

In order to take advantage of your motherboards 400MHZ DDR capability you would need to upgrade the processor to AMD 3200+ with 400MHZ then the PC3200 400MHZ DDR would give you the faster performance.

As a matter of interest what motherboard are you running, as kt400 chipsets that support 400MHZ DDR FSB can be very problematic. If its an Nforce2 it should be ok for the upgrade.

  Gaz 25 19:22 25 May 2004

I would say get some Corsair XMS memory mate! Yeh 1Gb, great for games.

  john74 02:27 26 May 2004

I do have a KT400 chipset board (Gigabyte GA7VAXP).

Think I'm going to get another 512Mb of 333Mhz RAM, to go with the existing 2 x 256MB 333 Mhz of memory.

Haven't had any problems at all with the m/b, but then I haven't tried 400Mhz RAM at all.

  rickimalone 12:21 26 May 2004

Yes the KT400 has problems when running PC3200 RAM, some boards will only accept one module of it. In terms of future use of PC 3200 RAM regarding your board try looking at the crucial memeory selector: click here or run a google search and it should resolve the issue regarding your board.

In terms of the extra PC 2700 RAM two single 512MB PC 2700 modules running in harmony with your motherbaod and cpu at 333mhz ddr is the best current option availible for your set up, and should supply enough and power for your gaming needs.

  rickimalone 12:26 26 May 2004

Here is your board:click here

The crucial memory selector does'nt pick up any problems regarding your board and PC 3200 RAM, so with an eye on the future when you can upgarde to a cpu that will take advantage of the 400mhz ddr fsb it seems to be fine.

Regarding crucial as a company I cant recomend them enough 24hour delivery recorded with the best after sales suppor around just have a look in the consumerwatch forum there's a post in there now about the company, RAM and comapny are first class.

  rickimalone 12:28 26 May 2004

Opp's sorry here is UK site:click here

  Chegs ® 13:11 26 May 2004

I have a GA7VAXP(Ultra)which I use 1GB DDR 3200 with an XP2600(OC'ed to 2338Mhz)It stutters slightly in NFS Underground unclocked,but with even a mild OC it removes the stuttering.The GC is a Leadtek Ti4800(8x AGP)With these components I can amuse myself messing around with various OC's and give an XP3200 a hard time.I have had the FSB upto 200,but heat was a major hassle(so I am going for a watercooler)

I am slightly confused with the results in 3D Mark,unclocked I get 12000 ish points but start winding the speeds up and the score starts dropping? but the games (as stated) run better?

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