1Gb ram is recognised as 512 Mb

  vin 14:24 02 Oct 2009

Hi there,
Can some one help me.
I have upgraded my Medion desk top pc ram from 512Mb to 1 Gb. but it does not register as 1Gb.and still registers as 512Mb.

The new ram is a kingstone PC2-4200 and the old one was 512Mb. Swissbit PC2-4200.

I did a scan on Crucail and it said the 1Gb. would be compatible.

Please help.


  GaT7 14:59 02 Oct 2009

Can you provide the part number for the new Kingston RAM module please?

It could be something to do with the number of memory 'banks' on the module, &/or that it is single/double-sided.

Also, the exact Medion desktop model number will help. G

  ambra4 15:16 02 Oct 2009

Remove the 512 chip and install the 1Gb Chip in the same slot that the 512 was install

Start the computer if computer come up and working, check if the 1GB memory is

showing up, turn off the computer and install the 512 chip in the second slot

and check if memory is showing as 1,512GB

If after installing the 1GB chip the computer would not come on the memory chip

is bad or the wrong type and need to be returned to Crucail

  wee eddie 15:41 02 Oct 2009

to check their RAM but then goes and buys elsewhere.

My guess is that you did not match the specification correctly.

If you were going to buy Kingston Memory, you should have used the Kingston Scanner.

  sharpamat 15:49 02 Oct 2009

are you sure your Medion can take a 1 gb module some early medions would only accept a total of 1gb in the two slots 512 each the Microstar was one

  vin 21:23 02 Oct 2009

Hi there all,
Sorry for the delayed reply., I had to go out unexpectedly.

I tried the removal of the memory and using the new memeory. The pc booted up and worked on the single stick. It still read 512 mb.
The motherboard is MSI MS-7222 and this is supposed to take the DDR2. I'e checked on the site: Ram.click here.

When I resanned with Crucial just now the results came different to before my purchase.

Would I need a bios upgrade? The new memory is KVR533D2N4/1G.

  cream. 23:56 02 Oct 2009

It's high density ram click here

This works in about 10% of computers, doesn't work in most and registers high the memory in others.

  cream. 23:56 02 Oct 2009

and registers half the memory in others.

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