1gb memory showing 512

  broggs 21:33 23 Aug 2006

Hello..I have a microstar ms6738 motherboard and I wanted to upgrade my memory.
I checked the specs of the board and it said that 2gig was the max memory.I have now bought and fitted 2 x 1 gig memory sticks DDR1pc 3200 ddr400 and rebooted and it says that only 512 mb is in each slot.
I bought the memory from click here and the part number is 49979. The memory pcb has chips on only one side and they are marked 1 gb.
I have run Belarc and it also says 512 per stick.
Am I doing something wrong or have I been supplierd the wrong memory

  howard63 22:02 23 Aug 2006

some mobos need different memory modules to be able to see the full amount. Can you try the memory in another pc? This sounds like a double sided module and the mobo can only read single sided. Try going to the crucial site and letting it see what memory you have.

  broggs 22:17 23 Aug 2006

definately single side modules

  woodchip 22:44 23 Aug 2006

Try one at a time to see how big each is

  broggs 10:34 24 Aug 2006

have tried one at a time and they say 512mb installed

  Eric10 11:38 24 Aug 2006

It does say, in large red print, on Misco's website that this is generic memory and may not be suitable for some branded machines. Lower down it also says "Only use the memory speed recommended by your motherboard's manufacturer" and according to the specification I have just read, your board has a maximum FSB of 266MHz whereas the memory you bought is 400MHz. Adding all this together I would say that you should really have gone to someone like Crucial Memory click here who guarantee that their memory works with a particular board. It may cost more but you are protected from expensive mistakes.

I realize that none of what I have said will make your memory work for you but it may explain why it doesn't.

  broggs 13:54 24 Aug 2006

Thanks eric10..I did actually go to crucials website to find out what type would fit my motherboard and it reccomended both pc 2700 and pc3200 ddr400 for my board.that is why I bought tthe higher spec memory for my pc.I even went to pc world and they tried to sell me pc 3200 saying that it is just faster than pc2700 and it would do.Glad i didnt buy from pc world as they wanted to charge £94 for one stick.

  skidzy 14:01 24 Aug 2006

Try running Everesthome to see if you get a different reading as opposed to Belarc click here

  Eric10 15:25 24 Aug 2006

I also found this American site that seems to indicate that your motherboard is very picky about memory. click here

  woodchip 23:22 24 Aug 2006

Check your Motherboard Manual if you have more than two Memory slots as you may have to put in specific slots for it to recognise it all

  woodchip 23:24 24 Aug 2006

I would azured a guess that you have 4 memory slots on the board

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