1and1 web site down?? Can you try it for me..

  grumpy-git 00:14 21 May 2006

For over 24 hours now I have not been able to log into my control panel on the 1and1 web site.

Also I cannot access their homepage via Internet explorer. Strange thing is that my own website on their servers is working fine.

Can somebody try it & let me know if it is working please:-

click here


  Strawballs 00:16 21 May 2006

click here;jsessionid=DC9078CA2F4C1601F456CCF85B184B0F.TC33a?__page=Hosting&ac=OM.UK.UK470K02479T2104a&tduid=2dd8b51cf2f3394677e15cf5aac2e2fd&affId=956180 is that what you ment

  Strawballs 00:17 21 May 2006

I don't know what happened there but the click here still works

  ed-0 00:20 21 May 2006

I get this from your link. click here I get a password box when trying to log in.

  rdave13 00:23 21 May 2006

Works fine for me.

  grumpy-git 00:25 21 May 2006


From your click here link, all I get is server not found, did it load for you?


  grumpy-git 00:29 21 May 2006


I take it you get the 1and1 home page without a problem then.

I'm confused now, why won't it work for me, any ideas??


  grumpy-git 00:33 21 May 2006


You managed it without a problem, that image is what I should be seeing.

Looks like something is blocking me.


  johnnyrocker 00:40 21 May 2006

no probs here.


  grumpy-git 00:45 21 May 2006


Don't really know what was causing the problem, but I switched off the Belkin wireless modem/router, then back on again and it now loads the 1and1 page.

Strange that all other web sites were working except that one. Any ideas why only one site would be affected??


  grumpy-git 00:59 21 May 2006

Well, I managed to log in on the 1and1 site, it lasted for a few minutes, then I lost it again.

At least I can still get their homepage.

Now I'm giving it up for tonight, will try again in the morning.


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