1920 x 1080 resolution

  je-haz 10:42 19 Aug 2010


I am looking to buy a 22" viewsonic monitor (VX2250wm-LED) which has a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

If I plug my laptop in (max. res. is 1366 x 768), will this look OK on the monitor even though the laptop cant handle the monitors native res?

Thanks, James

  woodchip 11:04 19 Aug 2010

You will most likely have a border all way round

  je-haz 11:08 19 Aug 2010

so it will be a small screen size? does that mean theres no point getting the monitor?

is it not possible to just run the monitor at the laptops res?

  woodchip 11:12 19 Aug 2010

I would think not, as your graphics card does not support it. You could try to see if you can get a updated Graphics driver for your laptop. it may then work

  Ian in Northampton 13:00 19 Aug 2010

Ummm... I'm sure I'm being stupid here, but why would you want a monitor with a higher resolution than your laptop can handle? Even if you can upscale 1366 x 768 to 1920 x 1080, you'll almost certainly introduce artifacts that will negate the point of having a high resolution monitor in the first place.

  je-haz 14:12 19 Aug 2010

its because my laptop is a samsung x125 which has a 12.6" screen.

Its a great screen for when I'm mobile, but when I'm not mobile I want to use a screen that I dont have to squint to see.

Then in about 4 months I am getting a desktop and I will use my desktop with the monitor instead, and only use the laptop when im mobile.

  DieSse 14:25 19 Aug 2010

I would imagine it'll display fine - they've even got very nearly the same aspect ratio, so there shouldn't be any distortion.

I'm not sure why the above are thinking you can't properly display a lower resolution than the native resolution of the monitor - that's a pretty normal thing to do.

However, you can also check that your laptop can't display the higher resolution, by going into Display Properties - Settings - Advvaced - Monitor" and unticking the "Hide etc" box then OK - then Advanced - Adapter and clicking "List all modes" - you'll see what the adapter can run at.

  je-haz 15:06 19 Aug 2010

ahhh, i see.

the 1366 x 768 of the laptop is because thats what the laptop screen can handle, but its graphics card might be able to handle more...including the viewsonic monitor res

thanks a lot

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