rsinbad 22:40 29 May 2006

Just wandering if any of you guy's have used this , and if so your comments


  anchor 09:31 30 May 2006

I used the 18866 service for a long time. It appears that both 18866 and 1899 are both owned by the same Swiss telecoms provider, Finarea.

Some occasional problems at first, but they soon settled down.

Curiously, 1899 appears now to be cheaper.

  rsinbad 13:32 30 May 2006

click here yes very cheap, cheaper than skype, also has voip might give it a go.

will leave thread open in case there is anymore feedback.


  amonra 14:11 30 May 2006

Have used it for over a year, absolutely fantastic, no complaints. Does what it says on the lid. Highly recommended.

  Crunchy 15:27 30 May 2006

I have been using 1899 for about a year and can thoroughly recommend it. I was always complaining to my wife that she was on the phone at peak times - now I don't care as monthly bill is about £2.50. I always connect straight away and cannot tell any difference with line quality. Go for it.

  rsinbad 22:44 30 May 2006

thanks for your positive feedback for 1899 have installed software so far looking good.

thanks again sinbad

  anchor 08:49 31 May 2006


Can you clarify what mean by software?.

In the case of the similar 18866, no software was necessary, only signing up for an account.

  rsinbad 18:18 31 May 2006

maybe my post was a little misleading, 1899 is ofcourse just a matter of signing up, however 1988 do a viop simular to skype (cheaper) that does require a sofware download.

This gives you the best of both worlds and provides a personal number that mobiles and landlines can call you on your pc. Hope this clarifies things for you.


  DTee 22:39 31 May 2006

I use them all. My bills all come from Connect Telecom UK. They all work well.

Strangely enough each has its merits. 1899 is currently the cheapest connection charge to UK landlines. 18185 is cheapest/min to phone UK mobiles and 18866 cheapest/min to phone my son in Malaysia.

I think Connect Telecom want to compete with BT for complicated bills.


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