184 Pin SDRAM??

  Lady Lara 21:21 07 Jan 2005

I have friend next door who asked me to upgrade her RAM. I looked and saw it was 184 pin and so assumed it is DDR. Ordered, fitted and it does not work. On closer inspection the RAM (Factory Fitted) is PC2700 SDRam 333 Mhz and has 1 gap in the pins (Take it that means 184 pin.) I had ordered a 256Mb PC 2700 DDR Ram and it was not right.

It is a HP PC and I am wondering if such a thing 184 pin SDRAM exists and where I can get 256 MB at 2.5cl and 333 Mhz PC2700.

Anyone Please??

PS. Have looked in ebuyer but am slightly confused.

  mrdsgs 21:37 07 Jan 2005
  mrdsgs 21:40 07 Jan 2005

if you mean pc133 sdram, i have aspare 256mb stick or you can buy it from the above "click here"

  Lady Lara 22:11 07 Jan 2005

the RAM you have shown is DDR and not SDRAM is it not?

  TomJerry 22:33 07 Jan 2005
  TomJerry 22:37 07 Jan 2005

just like men and women

  mrdsgs 22:52 07 Jan 2005

pc2700 ram is ddr, pc133 ram is sdram, i stand to be corrected but there is no such thing as pc2700 sdram


  Lady Lara 23:06 07 Jan 2005

i will photograph it tomorrow but please see this page as well... see why i am confused as well?

click here

  dan11 23:39 07 Jan 2005

Lady Lara

It may be worth checking that the ram is seated firmly in. When you inserted the ram did you pull back the end lugs, press the ram firmly at either end so the lugs snapped shut by themselves. If the lugs did not fully snap up at both ends, it may not read the ram properly.

Worth a check.:-)

  Lady Lara 23:44 07 Jan 2005

dan11. Ram was seated fine... had checked but thanks anyway for getting back to me


  dan11 23:54 07 Jan 2005

Lady Lara ;-)

Don't know if it's worth trying, you may have already done this, but sometimes if you swap the memory around you can get a problem stick to work. Have you tried taking out the old stick and putting the new one in. Bootup with just the one new stick of memory, if it works then you could try the old memory in the next slot.

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