1837online problem

  pj123 15:02 13 Apr 2004

My friend is registered with 1837online at click here but is now having problems accessing the site. Every time he tries to access all he gets is "The page cannot be displayed". I tried it on my computer and was able to access the site with no problem. He has tried the AOL helpline but they haven't been able to solve the problem. We tried installing a PAYG ISP but got the same problem. So it doesn't appear to be an AOL problem. His computer is the same spec as mine ie. Win98SE, 256mb SDRAM memory, 40gb hard drive. I am on NTL broadband and I also have an AOL account through an analogue modem. I can access this site through both the BB and AOL. I also installed a PAYG ISP and was again able to access the site with no problem. AOL did ask whether he had a firewall installed (which he hasn't) but I have Zone Alarm installed and it didn't make any difference. Can anyone come up with an answer please?

  johnnyrocker 15:03 13 Apr 2004

has he checked dialing proerties in both dial up networking and internet options?


  pj123 15:24 13 Apr 2004

johnnyrocker. Yep, all checked, I was with him this morning and we did everything that AOL suggested, but still come up with "The page cannot be displayed"

  johnnyrocker 15:28 13 Apr 2004

tried a repair on explorer? cleared out temp i/net files? checked default connection and always dial my default connection.



  pj123 16:08 13 Apr 2004

johnnyrocker. yes, done that as well. He can log in to any other site you care to mention except this one. I have emailed him the contact phone number to see if they have any answers.

  pj123 16:10 13 Apr 2004

johnnyrocker. Does it work for you. You don't have to register, just tell me if you get the home page or not.

  Djohn 16:19 13 Apr 2004

Works for me.

  pj123 14:10 20 Apr 2004

This problem is still there. Have been back again today and have uninstalled AOL and reinstalled it but it is still no go. Have now also been told he cannot acces hotmail either. So now it is two sites out of the billions on the net that he can't access anymore. Why is it that it is only these two sites that give "The page cannot be displayed" when every other site he accesses is fine? The hotmail home page is OK but when he enters his ID and password he gets "the page cannot be displayed". Using his ID and Password on my computer I can get into his email inbox no problem. I don't understand how he can access any URL that he types in except these two. click here and click here

  anchor 16:03 20 Apr 2004

I got the both the pages fine.

  pj123 17:23 20 Apr 2004

Thanks anchor, but that isn't the point. I can get both pages as well, and so can lots of other forum members. The idea is to find out why he can't get them. AOL don't appear to have an answer and nor does the 1837online help desk either. Considering that both his computer and mine are exactly the same specification and have the same dialup ISP (AOL) it doesn't seem feasible that I don't have a problem but he does. Also of course, if you can log on to one website why can't you log on to any other website. I have AVG antivirus running and so does he. Both AOL and 1837online have asked whether there is a firewall running. I have zonealarm firewall running he doesn't. It has been mentioned that he might have a virus but a manual scan with AVG showed nothing. But even so, why should a virus stop just two pages on the whole of the internet?

  Valvegrid 18:20 20 Apr 2004

Have you tried another browser?

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