150W PSU = Imminent disaster ?

  Anonymouse 23:01 25 Apr 2003

A friend of mine has the following setup -

Pentium III 733
+ 512MB PC133 SDRAM
+ 32MB Graphics Card
+ 20 Gig H/D.

This is in a smallish mini-tower case with an AOpen MX64 mobo (micro-ATX ?). His PSU appears according to the label to be a 150W slimline model.

My thoughts are that he is pushing his PSU to the limit, and advised him to get an uprated PSU ASAP.

He tells me that he's searched unsuccessfully to find a 300W PSU which is small enough to fit in his existing case.

I've just looked myself and can't find one either.

Can anyone help ?

  jimv7 23:04 25 Apr 2003

Build it into a bigger case with an adequate psu.

  powerless 23:06 25 Apr 2003

If it runs and he has no problems with it, then it's ok isn't it?

  tbh72 23:07 25 Apr 2003

look at either KustomPC or SCAN, both companies are UK based, not sure or the URL's

  rev.bem 23:26 25 Apr 2003

I agree with powerless if it aint broke don't fix it.

  Anonymouse 23:50 25 Apr 2003


KustomPC do a 200W PSU - but they're out of stock.

  Mango Grummit 06:55 26 Apr 2003

This may interest you then. I had to replace a 150W PSU only yesterday. To be honest I hadn't realised it was only 150, had never given it a thought. That machine has only ever been turned off about 6 or 7 times in three years. It's in use every day and has never missed a beat 'til yesterday. It's only a 750 Duron with spec similar to what you describe except only 256 RAM but has been a wonderfully reliable machine so I don't think there is much to worry about.

I thought I might have to get a larger case but managed to squeeze in a 350W replacement after removing a blanking plate.

  Anonymouse 22:08 27 Apr 2003

Thanks - thats most interesting.

I don't think that he can get anything other than another Enlight PSU in there though - the case is an Enlight 7154 Ventra - very small and obviously built with their slimline PSU in mind.

click here

  Mango Grummit 22:15 27 Apr 2003

My local shop had only got the 350's in stock but he had some cases and if nec I would have bought one and bunged everything in there. Just another idea but if the 150 is OK I'd leave as is for the mo. Could have years left in it yet!

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