150,00th Member.

  Gandalph 22:36 06 Oct 2004

Well, there's actually 150.002 on my counter. But for the celebration for the 150,000th Member. click here

  Gandalph 22:39 06 Oct 2004

That title should be of course, 150,000 th Member. Bloody keyboard jamming again. lol

  VoG II 22:42 06 Oct 2004
  stalion 22:42 06 Oct 2004

yes your right for a minute I thought .002 of a person had joined lol

  User-312386 22:43 06 Oct 2004

i wonder if you could find out what member number you are?

  SANTOS7 22:44 06 Oct 2004

bugger!!! missed it, yee ha anyway...........

  stalion 22:59 06 Oct 2004

Hi, the other celebratory thread is now closed

  VoG II 23:06 06 Oct 2004

Quite right too. The last thing we need is a celebratory thread. Next thing, we'll start to be friendly towards each other ;o)

  dan 11 23:23 06 Oct 2004

I wonder if "bets r us" Noelg23 is taking odds for 200,000.click here

Only joking Noelg23 ;-)

  stalion 23:27 06 Oct 2004

1,000 members joined in the last two weeks at that rate it will not take long

  end 23:35 06 Oct 2004

now that"s just not on, is it::))))

just not cricket..or football or.....

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