15 pin d sub male or DVI ?

  kizandtango 22:53 17 May 2003

hey, im gona get a tft monitor 17", but i realy dont get the diff between the usual onnection (15 pin) and the new DVI connection. ALSO wots the beat specs for a 17" tft ? like the ms refresh r8 etc etc?ill b usin it purely for gaming, with a budget of little over 300. need to know by june 5th. much info as poss plz ppl?!


  graham√ 23:04 17 May 2003

Translation babel fish required.

  kizandtango 01:00 18 May 2003

ooookkk i created this topic and an answer i got from "graham" was:

Translation babel fish required. soo umm.........WHAT?!?!?

  powerless 01:07 18 May 2003

It means he does not know what you are saying/asking.

Look for a response time of about 25ms.

IF you can go and see the monitor yourself its the best way to do it.

The connections of DVI and DSUB are different. A DSUB will not fit in a DVI and visa versa. You need a graphics card (with a DVI output) also to take advatnage of the DVI that the TFT has.

Little info click here

  powerless 01:08 18 May 2003

try this click here

  hugh-265156 01:09 18 May 2003

dvi is better but will cost you extra normally.crt still the best for gaming is thats yer thang!

  powerless 01:10 18 May 2003

Click "Click here to enter the site" and you'll see it.

  Murray 01:12 18 May 2003

see click here

The 'usual onnection' - a 15 pin socket is the standard for a CRT monitor - using analog signals.

The new, (better?) connection is using a DVI - Digital Visual Interface. This keeps the signal in its digital form, presumably better as it saves on DAC then ADC at either end?

As far as the consumer end goes, I think the Digital input screens are a bit more expensive, but not being in the market for one, I dont know how much and if it makes any difference.

One thing - you will obviously need a DVI out on your graphics card - or a special adaptor.

I think what Graham was trying to get at was your use of "txt talk" - does it really hurt to use full words?

I think

  hugh-265156 01:14 18 May 2003

click here and click here and click here and click here for some reviews

  kizandtango 01:16 18 May 2003

lol sory guys its the way i tlk wen typin.touch type.cant help it. it aint that bad. ok so im gona stik wiv the 15 pin but i need to know some gud "17 tft's that go well wiv gaming.

cheers for d help so far


  hugh-265156 01:29 18 May 2003

click here gets good reviews all over but a much better crt can be bought for less like the click here

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