14 updates tonight for W/7

  birdface 18:37 14 Jun 2011

There are 14 windows Updates tonight for W/7 users that download manually.

  sunnystaines 18:45 14 Jun 2011


thanks had forgotton all about windows updates, just bought a netbook today and trying to get the grips with its strange setup

  birdface 19:02 14 Jun 2011


Good luck with your new Netbook hope you get it running the way you want it to.

Me" I don't know the difference between a Netbook and a laptop they look the same to me.

  sunnystaines 19:20 14 Jun 2011


i am used to building a pc and installing everything from scratch. all these automated set ups where you have no idea whats going on are a pain.

the thing is stuck on update 40 of 58 [w7 starter version]been installing it for about half an hour now, no idea what number 40 is or if the netbook is not responding but says do not turn off or remove the plug.

how long do i give it?

  canarieslover 20:12 14 Jun 2011

sunnystaines When I bought my netbook it took about two hours to do all the updates which is why I advised getting it well before you went on holiday as the last thing you want is to be downloading that amount on what could be a slow and expensive connection. Set it to manual updates before you go and catch up when you come home.

  birdface 22:31 14 Jun 2011


It could be stuck at SP1 that took ages to download for me.So maybe best leaving it for a while to see if it carries on.

I actually thought my updates were stuck as well and was going to switch it off but left it for another half hour and it started to download the rest of the updates.

Has it downloaded the rest of the updates yet it takes ages especially with SP1.

  Woolwell 22:58 14 Jun 2011

Last time I did a complete re-install with all the updates it took hours and some times there appeared to be no activity. Loads of patience required and not a good idea to start it when you need sleep.

19 updates for Vista and Office 2007.

  birdface 09:14 15 Jun 2011

Just a little Update warning for those of you that use Firefox.


  birdface 09:16 15 Jun 2011

link text

Oops sorry never came out right on that other link.

  sunnystaines 09:56 15 Jun 2011


had to pull the plug, then on restart had to pull the plug again since then been going ok.

not used to a netbook surfing the web is ok [will be main use] but installing anything is painfully slow. go as far as sp1 so far everytime i do windows updates there is always more, hope to get it all up to date today, still got the driver/system updates.

  Migwell 10:18 15 Jun 2011

There were 3 updates last night on my computer, then it re booted and then found a further 28.

Don't know what is going on at M/Soft but ther seem to be enjoying themselves just now with all these updates.

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