1394 Port

  Expat 1 23:09 12 Feb 2007

What is it.

I have recently installed Wireless Broadband. All working OK.

There is an additional icon on my task bar showing two small monitors. On passing the curser over it It shows "1394 connection speed 400.0 Mbps Status Connected.

Is it OK to disable this in my Network Connections?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:14 12 Feb 2007
  Totally-braindead 23:15 12 Feb 2007

Is the wireless broadband connected via firewire?

  Expat 1 23:31 12 Feb 2007

For the fast response GANDALF <|:-)> & Totally-braindead.

Don't think wireless connected via firewire TB. I am in Spain my spanish reading/speaking very limited Done all the connections myself had to get a local Telefonica chap to configure it.

Looked at your google page GANDALF and from what I read, In theory I can conncect my camcorder direct to this port to download my videos !! Is that right?

  skidzy 23:41 12 Feb 2007

Your answers in one Expat click here

  Expat 1 23:43 12 Feb 2007

Have to pack it in for tonight It's 12.40 here. Will be back in the morning.

Thanks Expat1

  Totally-braindead 23:46 12 Feb 2007

If you have firewire and it does appear you do, and your camcorder has a firewire output then yes you can. Some camcorders have firewire some have USB 2.0 and some have both.
You would have to look at the manual for your camcorder and see what leads you have.

  Expat 1 05:20 13 Feb 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

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