1394 Net Adapter #2 ~ device can not start

  Danoh 14:02 01 Mar 2006

After installing and running an Ethernet card (Netgear 1Gb) into my ASUS a7v266-e MoBo, Device Manager, it is listed as ok within Network Adapters. However, the built-in 1393 Firewire adapter now has a yellow exclamation mark against it.

I have tried to uninstall, disable, etc. But it is still there after re-starting the PC. I have tried to update the driver but only get a message that the current driver is more recent.

Later on, the BIOS POST will not happen until I re-seated/moved the Creative Audigy 2 PCI sound card to another PCI card.

After re-booting successfully, the Audigy will no longer play audio. I uninstalled all Audigy software from add/remove pgms, but I can't re-install as I get a message that there is no Audigy Device found. However it is now shown in Device Manager with a yellow exclamation mark as well.

I have tried various installation CDs to no avail. Calls to the PC manufacturer has resulted in a recommendation to reinstall Windows XP Home, SP2, etc.

Suggestions and ideas would be most welcome! Thanks in anticipation.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 14:06 01 Mar 2006

Have you tried disabling the onboard 1394 device in your BIOS, sounds like there may be a resource conflict between the Netgear card and the Audigy, disabling the onboard 1394 may help to resolve it.

  Danoh 14:38 01 Mar 2006

I've tried looking for the onboard 1394 device in BIOS but can't see anything which might refer to onboard devices nor the 1394. Any hints for the sort of wording which might be used please?

  CurlyWhirly 13:33 02 Mar 2006

In my BIOS it is referred to as 'Onboard H/W 1394' under Integrated Peripherals.

I have an Audigy 2 ZS soundcard and I think that the 1394 Net Adapter entry is referring to the Firewire port on the Audigy soundcard itself, at least it is on mine.

As I NEVER use my Firewire ports, I disabled them in the BIOS!

  Danoh 15:10 02 Mar 2006

Thanks CurlyWhirly ~ will look again but I did not see any "Integrated Peripherals" section anywhere the last time I looked. But I think I may have confused the PC in question with another one which has onboard 1394 (sorry!!) I think the 1394 adapter is on the Audigy soundcard!! Will have to check later today.

  keef66 16:46 02 Mar 2006

On my pc the 1394 adapter in device manager refers to the firewire port on my Audigy soundcard.

  Danoh 16:02 03 Mar 2006

Thanks keef66; you guys were correct. It was on the Audigy. I guess it's busted so had called and found that only the 2 ZS is compatible with the 5.25 connections box cabling. Have ordered one and dismounted the existing Audigy PCI card.

Interesting, but I thought the Audigy 2 PCI card needed an extra power cable from the PSU as, purportedly, it can't get enough power just from the PCI bus?

  CurlyWhirly 16:15 03 Mar 2006

"Interesting, but I thought the Audigy 2 PCI card needed an extra power cable from the PSU as, purportedly, it can't get enough power just from the PCI bus?"

Not as far as I know?
I had no such cabling in the box when I bought it!

  keef66 16:35 03 Mar 2006

I just got a bog standard oem audigy card built in when I got the pc. The only extra connection is to the cd drive; no additional power.

  Danoh 01:14 04 Mar 2006

Ok; so you guys don't have it either. I'll have to find that web site article which said the 2-ZS was the same as the 2 in having such a cable, and post a link back here.

  Danoh 02:04 04 Mar 2006

click here

…. and the new card like the old requires a Power Converter cable to be connected to your computer's PSU to provide sufficient juice - apparently the Audigy range requires more than the PCI bus can supply.

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