12v power connector socket

  Catastrophe 15:11 13 Jan 2009

I have a Gigabyte GA-81E
P4 Titan 533 845E m/b
and currently Enermax 535W FMA PSU.

The question is, however, general to 12v sockets and plugs to fit.

The ATX 12v socket is below and to the left of the Socket 478 processor. The diagram (p15 manual) shows 1,2 GND at bottom and +12v 3,4 top where 'top' is where the catch is to click into socket.

However, the PSU does not have such a socket. It does have a 4-socket but this looks as if intended to clip onto 20 main power socket. The wiring is different having red at 1/4 and black at 2 or 3 and the last cable being blue/white streaky.

I remember one of the few PCs I have assembled had both types of plug and the 1/2 3/4 worked. Also the 1/4 does not have the clip at the 'top' but two side attachments for the 20 power plug.

The Enermax plug wil fit the socket with the attachments to left and right but I don't want to risk it. I have an old PSU (only 250w) which I can try as it has only the 1,2 3,4 type plug but I am waiting for the fan/heat sink just bought from 3Bay.

My question is will the Enermax plug work or might it blow the board. The PSU is relatively new having SATA power connectors. Is there a converter so I can use the Enermax PSU? I don't want to use the 250w PSU other than maybe just to try out the board.

I have another question about this board which I am posting separately.

  skidzy 15:59 13 Jan 2009

To be honest i got a little lost with your thread.

Just to confirm and some images that may help;

This is the ATX P4 4pin 12v cpu plug with yellow and back wires next to the ATX 20 pin power plug click here

The ATX 20pin + 4 pin shown is for the motherboard if it needs more power...depending on hardware.
Connecting this (+4) will do no harm as only power drawn will be used.

  skidzy 16:02 13 Jan 2009

Sorry meant to post this pic as well.

The 12v 4pin cpu plug is easily recognised by the clip click here

The +4 ATX has no clip.

  Catastrophe 16:08 13 Jan 2009

Hi Skidzy. Many thanks for your response. If I boil it down it is what fits the 4-pin extra socket. I have used the 1,2 3,4 type that is
Top (3)12v (4)12v
Bottom (1)GND (2)GND I would be happy to plug this from the 250w PSU.

BUT the Enermax has

Top (3) Orange (4) Black
Bottom (1) Yellow with blue stripe (2) Red

Does that help?

  Catastrophe 16:11 13 Jan 2009

Yes. The second pic shows what I am calling 1/2 3/4 1 and 2 same colour e.g., white 3 and 4 same colour e.g., black
or black and white or black and yellow.

  Catastrophe 16:13 13 Jan 2009

The Enermax has no clip as shown on the left of your pic but does have 'wings' at the side which could attach it to a 20 socket.

  skidzy 16:14 13 Jan 2009

Catastrophe,my apologies..its been a long day Lol.

Am i correct in saying;

You have a ATX +4 and want to connect this into the 4 pin 12v cpu socket ?

If so,i dont think so as the voltages are different...but im no electrician.

Ive built quite a few P4 systems,and am struggling to understand exactly what you mean.
Sorry,its probably just me...not taking in your post properly.

Does this help;click here

  Catastrophe 16:23 13 Jan 2009

Yes, that helps a bit thanks. You see the 2 yellow 2 black in your pic. That is the sort (1/2 3/4) I have connected successfully in the post.

Enermax describe the other4-pin 12v power connector is to supply power to the processor, please plug in the corresponding connector on M/B if required.

In your pic there are 2 squares and 2 slightly tapered pins. Enermax has similar but the tapered pins 'point' in a different direction to those in the 1/2 3/4 plug. Nevertheless they will plug into the m/b without strain, whereas turn 90 deg and they will not fit.

  Catastrophe 16:27 13 Jan 2009

In the article you see 1/2 3/4 1 and 2 black 3 and 4 yellow. They are shaped

3 square 4 taper
1 taper 2 square

  skidzy 16:35 13 Jan 2009

Have you got a serial number or code to the Enermax psu ?

  3gboosterman 16:36 13 Jan 2009

I have recently built 2 pcs and have seen two types of power connectors that you mentioned, one socket fits the 24pin in a row straight in.

And the other board accepts a 20 pin and the other 4 pin can be unclicked from the 20 pin block and plugged into a 4 pin socket which i remember if correctly as extra power for the CPU.

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