12G of RAM on old CPU. What can i do?

  georgepal 08:13 21 Jan 2015

I'm runnning Win 7 Pro 64bit on an ADM A6 -5400K with Radeon HD 3.6G and got 12G of installed RAM. I also got a 60G SSD where all OS files are installed and got a second drive where all applications are being installed. I recently added an upgrade to my RAM and increased it to 12G (was 6) however i have not seen much increase in performance. To be more precise i often notice in task manager the CPU graph to limit up while memory remains under 50% (~4G of use). I had disabled pagefile but with not much success and now re-enabled it. Is there any suggestion from you in order to take advantage more of my new memory or i should definately replace my CPU?

PS Its my work PC, mainly run Office Apps, no games

  Batch 08:48 21 Jan 2015

Adding RAM will only improve performance if all of the existing RAM is being used (when all of the existing RAM is used, swapping to and from the page file occurs).

In your case, the page file should be on the SSD anyhow and so any degradation in performance due to swapping would be lessened (due to the high speed of the SSD).

If you are only using Office type applications, it would be unusual to need huge amounts of memory. Your reading of memory usage in Task Manager supports this.

You should never disable the page file (it can cause system instability).

In any event if you are only running Office type applications you should not need high performance.

Replacing CPU might improve things - depends, amongst other things, what motherboard you have. But I count it will make a huge difference.

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