128MB of RAM reported as 62MB RAM

  Summer76 02:07 22 Mar 2003


Today I installed 128MB 133Mhz nECC SDRAM DIMM. But now windows says I only have 62MB RAM.
Originally I had 32MB which was reported as 29MB by windows, I left it in and added the 128MB. Can anybody tell me why I still have so little RAM?

If it helps i'm running Win98 SE. I believe my motherboard can only take upto 256MB RAM.

  tbh72 02:12 22 Mar 2003

Does your mobo have onboard graphics, if so this will be where your ram is going??

  Djohn 02:16 22 Mar 2003

Sounds as though you may have the wrong sort of memory, or a mismatch. Take out the 32 meg and try the 128 on it's own to see what that shows up as.

The slight difference in memory being shown is probably due to your graphic card using some for itself. If the 128 works on it's own, it will show as 125, or 124. J.

  Djohn 02:17 22 Mar 2003

Morning, tbh72. :o)

  Summer76 02:50 22 Mar 2003


I don't have a graphics card,(Oh the shame)!

But I have just tried the 128MB on its own and windows still reported it as 62MB RAM. I then swapped the modules around on the expansion slots so the 128 was first, the 32 second and now windows is reporting I have 94.0MB RAM.

Does this prove a mismatch? Shall I just purchase the same 128MB RAM again to improve my memory?

  Djohn 03:05 22 Mar 2003

Nothing wrong with onboard graphics, it was just a way to explain where some of the ram was being used.

I would not buy more memory just yet, not until you find out why the full amount of the 128 is not being recognised. j.

  Djohn 03:07 22 Mar 2003

Do you know what motherboard you have? Make and model.

  Summer76 03:28 22 Mar 2003

The only info I can get about my motherboard is:

Motherboard Properties
Motherboard ID 04/14/1999-GXm-Cx5530-2A434SM9C-00
Motherboard Name Unknown

  « Ravin » 04:32 22 Mar 2003

download and run this tool to find out your make of mobo

click here

morning john :)

  MPete 06:36 22 Mar 2003

When you put in different memory sizes like you have there the biggest memory. in your case the 128 meg card has to always go in the slot closest to the procesor. This is slot 0 then the next memory in the very next slot. That could be your problem.
Sometimes some types of memory sizes do not work well together. IE ECC and a Non Ecc but if you turn off ECC in the bios they will work then cause that's actually how I got it here.
I'd try that first. Then panic.. No just kidding matched memory works best though.

Remember the biggest fastest memory always in slot 0 then the next biggest then the next....

Slot 0 is always the one closest to the proccesor.

  MPete 06:40 22 Mar 2003

D'oh the other problem could be your 128 meg stick is only 64 megs. They may have given you the wrong one they all look similar. I'd try it by itself first to test this idea in slot 0 and if it's only 64 meg bring it back cause it's not what you bought.

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