128mb Ram to 512mb XP

  SirMetal 22:20 20 Sep 2008

Hey, i have many pc's, some powerful and some.. well.. rubbish lol.

the particular pc i will go into is a Dell laptop cpx H500GT, it runs windows xp home edition sp3.

it's specs are:

500MHz Pentium lll
128mb ram
8mb ATi Rage Graphics
6gb HDD

It runs at 1024x768 screen resolution.

It is VERY sluggish due to the ram, most of the time i try and open a program like internet explorer or windows explorer and it takes a good 2 minutes to open, i know the ram is to blame because the CPU is only using 25%-50% whilst it is loading.

the motherboard can support a max of 512mb of ram, so i was wondering if upgrading from 128mb to 512mb of ram would increase overall performance.

i just want a yes/no answer if that's possible (:

thanks in advance.

Sir Metal

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  MAJ 22:30 20 Sep 2008

Yes, although (contrary to your instructions about brevity) you are at the wrong end of the recommended specs for XP (processor and memory wise), it will still be sluggish, but not as bad as it is now.

  rdave13 22:31 20 Sep 2008

Yes, very much so.

  DieSse 23:17 20 Sep 2008

Yes. 512MB will make a huge difference.

And if you want to enhance performance even more (even make it a bit better right now)

Go to Control Panel - System - Advanced - Performance - and put a dot in the button for best performance.

Switch to an Anti-Virus that affects performance least by far - NOD32

Stop any programs running in the system tray that are not absolutely essential

Clean out all temporary and redundant files (I use Wise Disk Cleaner)

  woodchip 00:14 21 Sep 2008

Now this is a prime subject for Linux. NOT XP

  DieSse 00:28 21 Sep 2008

Forgot that option 8-))

But 128MB will only run some of the lighter linux distros - not Ubuntu.

Puppy Linux would run great, for instance.

click here

  SirMetal 00:56 21 Sep 2008

This aint a linux forum lol

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