12 results stored on your computer

  User-178362 22:29 15 Feb 2007

How do I delete the 12 results stored on my PC. This comes up when I might look at a Town, it tells me how many results I have stored on my PC about that town. I also delete recent history but when I click on "c" all that I have looked at in the past starting with "C" is in the drop down menu starting with "C" which means nothing has been deleted in my history. Its still there.

  Totally-braindead 22:39 15 Feb 2007

What program is this you are talking about?

  User-178362 22:42 15 Feb 2007

When I am on the INTERNET I look for people towns etc and it tells me how many results I have on my PC even the names of town, people.

  Totally-braindead 23:37 15 Feb 2007

In Internet Explorer 7 you go to tools, internet option and click delete on browsing history and that should delete them.
Internet Explorer 6 should be similar.
If its not working the only suggestion I can make if its really bugging you is download Ccleaner and run it to delete the internet history click here

  spuds 23:52 15 Feb 2007

Use CCleaner per link above, and do regular cleaning sessions so as to get rid of any space taking junk on your computer.

  lotvic 00:07 16 Feb 2007

Are you using IE7 ?

In AutoComplete Settings you need to Untick all the boxes

To clear the AutoComplete Settings, follow the below steps.
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Click the Tools menu and then Internet Options.
3. Within the Internet Options window, click the content tab.
4. Click the Autocomplete button.
5. Untick all the boxes. (Within this window you can click Clear forms to clear all form data except for passwords and/or click Clear Passwords to clear the passwords. In addition to clearing these fields, if you do not want Internet Explorer to save this data in the future, you may uncheck any of the available boxes in this window)
6. Click on OK

To delete the AutoComplete history:
To delete stored form data and passwords,
1. click the General tab,
2. Browsing History, click Delete,
3. and then right at the bottom click Delete All.
4. Put a tick in box 'Also delete files and settings stored by add-ons'.
5. Click on Yes.
6. Click on OK

  User-178362 15:59 16 Feb 2007

Thank you every one Thank you Lovic I did what you said not sure which did the trick. Now I have nothing stored on my PC, not on view anyway. I will have to pass this on as I know someone who has very little room on their PC. This should give them far more space shouldn't it? I have always kept it clean by De frag Ad aware and reg scrub but they never cleared results on my PC. I think I will have to keep it this way, boxes un ticked etc. What are your thoughts on this?

  lotvic 00:28 17 Feb 2007

glad it 'did the trick' for you.
If you want it to remain like this then, yes, leave the boxes unticked.

By the way re your Spin Drier post, try going through the deleting normal.dot proceedure again.

Do not have Word 2000 open when you are doing it.

  User-178362 14:05 17 Feb 2007

Lotvic Do not know what you mean, do not know how to go about it. I am not going to try and delete my normal dot again the only way I did this was through the dealer talking me though it.

  tullie 14:51 17 Feb 2007

I know im thick,but ive lost the plot.How much space does your internet history take up,and whats this normal dot referenced in last post?

  VoG II 14:59 17 Feb 2007

See click here and the link within it.

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