1&1 Webdatabase, cannot import .csv file

  grumpy-git 20:20 22 Jan 2007

After more than a week, 1&1 Internet Support Team have failed to respond to my request for help, so I'll give it a try here. Hopefully some of you clever people will help me solve the problem.

This is the message I sent them:-

I've been experimenting with a 1&1 Webdatabase, but after several hours of trying, have been unable to upload a .csv file.
Thinking that the format of the file I was importing was wrong, I exported my test data from the Webdatabase, then tried using it as import data - but it still will not import.

This is the message I get:-

Your request could not be processed. The following error has occured:

HTTP: 450 Bad Request: Parameter Missing
Description: Bad request: Missing parameter

The .csv file data looks exactly how it should do when comparing it with the example on the "page help".
Where am I going wrong?

The response I did get from 1&1 seemed to refer to a totally different application, as the format given was not the same as that given for a Webdatabase, and it didn't work. Can anybody help please?


  grumpy-git 09:12 25 Jan 2007

Last try, any suggestions from anybody??

1&1 Internet Support still haven't responded.


  fitshase 09:51 25 Jan 2007

Try phoning their helpline:-

0870 24 11 247

I'm not sure about their online databases but I use a MySQL database on my own webserver and I can import the .csv files no problem. If you export it and then try to import the file then you should be fine.

The error you seem to be getting is from getting the .csv file to the web database and not the web database trying to import it.

  grumpy-git 11:00 25 Jan 2007

Thanks for the reply, fitshase.

I've never dealt with .csv files before, so I thought perhaps I was doing something silly.

If I create an online database I can export a .csv file, but there does not seem to be a way to get that file to import.

Their instructions on importing seem simple:-

<<To illustrate this procedure please see the following example:
For a "CD-Collection" WebDatabase database that has three columns "Year", "Artist", and "Album title", a CSV import file should look like this:

Year(1/1);Artist(2/1);Album title(3/1) 2002;Artist1;Album1 2003;Artist2;Album2 2004;Artist3;Album3 2005;Artist4;Album4 ... >>

and that is similar to how my .csv file looks (but obviously different fields & content)

The 1&1 reply told me to use this format, which I think is for a totally different application:-

<<"","","First name","Last name">>

It's all totally different. One uses commas as a field seperator, and inverted commas around a field, the other uses semi-colons and no inverted commas. Anyway, neither formats work for me.

As for 0870 phone numbers, aren't they expensive ones? The cost doesn't seem to be mentioned.


  grumpy-git 16:39 25 Jan 2007

Just spent about 30 minutes on the 'phone to them, using "netviewer" so they could see the problem.

So all I can do now is wait for them to get back to me with the answer to the problem.


  fitshase 16:42 25 Jan 2007

I was in the process of replying to your message when access to the site seemed to go down.

I was going to say to try and use the following number instead of the 0870 number:-

01753 490 401
01753 490 404

The .csv files I use only have the fields separated by a comma and the lines are separated by a new line.

The only use for "" is if you want text quoted.

I don't see where the ';' comes in.

  grumpy-git 17:37 25 Jan 2007

Don't panic, I found that 01753 number before I rang them!!

It took me a while to make the person at the other end understand that it was not a Mysql database I was using. Don't think he knew about Webdatabase.


  grumpy-git 09:28 08 Feb 2007

Finally got it to work.

In the end I had to send screen shots to 1&1 of what I was doing. They noticed I was using IE7.

Importing the .csv files for them was not a problem, they were using Firefox.

Answer was to try it with Firefox. I downloaded it, set it up & within 20 minutes was able to upload .csv files.

It took a long time to work out where the problem was!!


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