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  PTB007 08:59 08 Apr 2004

Has anyone had any problems with 1&1 and setting up a package. In March 2003 I signed up for their basic home services and two domains after reading the booklet in my copy of PC advisor. To date my package is not working properly, I cannot use their website creator package and thus cannot set up a home page.The email part of the package appears to be working fine.
I tried unsuccessfully last year for a couple of months to resolve this but gave up and redirected my website to another host at additional cost.
I've now received a bill for this years hosting and am still trying to get the site up and running, support at 1&1 tend to ask me to do the same thing over and over again but nothing ever works, it's now been with their 2nd level support for the past couple of weeks.
I've requested a refund from Customer services who are saying "As we can see you pay all your invoices in time. In order to get some refund for the lack of setvice we need a confirmation from our technical support team ([email protected] or tel. 0870 8503 305 -option 2) how much the refund should be.... Please, contact them. I'm also forwarding a copy of this e-mail to them.
I seem to be going round in a loop and a year on am no nearer to resolving the problem!!

  spuds 11:37 08 Apr 2004

I use 1&1 and I usually find that they are very good in resolving problems. Have you actually contacted anyone by telephone, and informed them of the true situation.They should have no difficulties in seeing that your website is 'non-active'and this should bring faster support comeback for you.Reallying on emails alone,if that is the case, cannot always bring the correct and prompt response to ongoing problems.

I note that you have redirectedv your website to another host, are 1&1 aware of this move, especially in respect of moving your domain titles.

  PTB007 12:13 08 Apr 2004

Thanks for the response Spuds, have tried telephone support on several occasions without success, indeed only recently did somebody on telephone support admit that this is the first time they have come accross this problem!
The response always seems to be to go through the same checks, I'm then told then wait a few hours when the result is always a status of Not assigned (deactivated).
Regarding redirecting the homepage, it's an option you can do in domain management and one I had to take as they could never sort out the problem.
I do not mind having to pay a little more if I could get a working package from them!!!

  erkmatrix 13:59 08 Apr 2004

I used them last year and have to say found their packages very basic and customer service wasn't great for me, they tend to just have all these pages with FAQ. I found moonfruit.com very good on the hosting package they offer good rates and more tools to create more professional sites, only trouble is its in Flash so can be slow on those with dial ups.

  Gaz 25 15:30 10 Apr 2004

1 & 1 have been with me all the way, replies from tech support in less than 20 mins. Cannot be bad.

  Forum Editor 15:59 10 Apr 2004

if I transfer this to our WebDesign forum.

Many of our forum members use OneandOne (I do so myself), and perhaps we might be able to help. Can you provide some more information about this website creator problem?

  barryoneoff.co.uk 00:45 12 Apr 2004

with 1and1. Never had a problem in two and a half years. Are you sure you are configuring your package correctly? It took me a while to twig on when I first started with them.

  PTB007 09:23 13 Apr 2004

Dear All,

Thanks very much for the replies so far and thanks to the FE for transferring the thread to the webdesign forum.
Since a lot of you are familar with 1&1 I'll describe explicitly what I am doing.
1. I log onto my account via the 1&1 Control Panel
2. I then select my package (both my domains are ready)
3. I then select homepage
4. I then select Website creator.

And that's as far as I can get. I'm informed that I have upto 8 pages, the status is not assigned, what my domain is and the directory.
The access information always says "The WebSite Creator cannot be utilized as long as your package/domain is not fully setup. We ask you for your continued patience until the 'active' status has been achieved."

I'm normally advised by 1&1 support to select the edit button beside my domain, this takes me to another screen where I select my domain and then click on activate. the status is now activating and after a few hours we go back to step 1 above.

Any help or suggestion gratefully received. Many thanks.

PS. I'm still waiting on 1&1 support to contact me, this was what made me log the call in the consumerwatch forum initially!!

  Sir Radfordin 10:46 13 Apr 2004

1&1 support are normally fairly good at getting back to people though there does seem to be a bit of a delay at the moment. Perhaps they let people enjoy the Easter holiday...or people who should have been working were 'sick'??!!

May be worth contacting them again either by phone or email to see if you can get a response. There could just have been a problem with getting your domain/hosting space set up. I guess it is an automated process and a script may have fallen over somewhere and caused the problem. It could also be that there has been a delay in getting the domain registered.

  PTB007 09:50 15 Apr 2004

Called !7! Support today as I had not heard from them, been told they're running a fix on my account todays and it should be fixed today. Fingers crossed...

  PTB007 10:23 16 Apr 2004

Hooray, finally working 13 months later!!!

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