1&1 query please...

  nick_j007 19:53 05 Oct 2005

Well here I am after purchasing the 1&1 home level package, and I am a little confused...

I am able to use either a WebsiteBuilder or a DynamicSiteCreator.
I wish ironically I had less choice as I am flitting between both and getting a bit mixed up in the process. Most of the genuinely attractive templates are only available with DynamicSiteCreator Plus at an extra £4.99 per month (doubling the outgoings). I am in the dog behaviour line so the templates never seem to quite hit the mark.
I have just rung the helpline only to be greeted by an unclear, unenthusiastic help person who is in the Phillipines! Long silences with me saying 'Hello?' to ensure I was not speaking to myself! I asked for clarification between the packages, and I gave up in the end frankly by making my excuses.

Admit to feeling a little miffed at this point, and frustrated. I've not got far on this lot today.

Any philosophical input/help would be welcome at this stage.


  mco 23:14 05 Oct 2005

I've just had a look at 1&1 - I've no experience of them but I have done a site with lycos who offer similar kind of packages. It seems to me that it's how you use the package rather than what fancy bits it offers - and remember you can customise the most basic template in the cheapest deal anyway - Taran gave me a good piece of advice, which is that really, it's content that matters and if it hist your target 'audience'. I wouldn't pay extra for stuff - you can always upgrade later on if you feel the need. Concentrate on getting a clear site, accurate to your needs and with relevant content. The fancy stuff could come later. If it were me (well, it was me last year!) I'd just start with the basic website builder and work up from there.

  powerless 23:50 05 Oct 2005

Dynamic gives you flash to play with.

  Forum Editor 23:56 05 Oct 2005

My take on this is that 1&1, like all big hosting companies, feel obliged to offer this service, and perhaps they don't really appreciate how much support a lot of their customers might need with a first website.

To be honest, you are probably going to be better off designing your own site in the end; the learning curve might be that little bit steeper, but you're far more likely to end up with the look you want, and there'll be a lot of satisfaction when the job's done.

One of the great treasures hidden away in your 1&1 package is a totally free copy of NetObjects Fusion 8, which has got to be one of the bargains of the century. NOF is a superb site design application that is relatively easy to learn, will keep pace with you as your skills develop, and has dozens of included site templates which you can customise ad infinitum.

I suggest that you install it and get started - you can always come here for help and advice as you go - lots of forum users are familiar with NOF.

  nick_j007 09:06 06 Oct 2005

Well thanks guys for some decent input.
You know, I think I was hoping for a little too much when it makes claims about how easy it is etc.
I hoped to sit down, type in my Mission, Intro, Contact, etc. and have it looking dead swish in 24 hrs! Wrong!

I am fussy too which does not help, and fear that every misaligned line will reflect poorly on my 'image'.

NOF here I come.

I ought to add that I do have Microsoft Frontpage here, should I be working on that and then ship it into my new 1&1 lot? IS that possible/advisable.

Many thanks for keeping a look in. I fear my name may be at the top of this forum a bit more in the future! Oh well, out of the help room forum and into the web design forum eh?!

Regards as always,


  mco 09:39 06 Oct 2005

I've recently made the same move! And am planning on using NOF too - so we'll go in the same boat if you like!

  De Marcus™ 09:40 06 Oct 2005

Microsoft Frontpage has a gentle learning curve in comparison with some other web software, you'll probably find it more intuitive to use since your used to the way office applications work (being presumptuous) and it'll grow with your needs too, if can handle more advanced features when your ready. If you do decide to use it you'll have to enter into your 1&1 control panel and enable frontpage server extensions, quite easy to do.

  nick_j007 09:49 06 Oct 2005

Honestly, am I better off using Frontpage or NOF?
Whilst prepared to learn (and yes a little more familiar with Microsoft products) I really want to avoid the feeling of getting wound up in front of the PC whilst trying to get it all done.
My needs are fairly basic, yet I want it to look really nice and professonal.
After all, you can't get more basic than what I already have...click here !

F.E. I am awaiting the physical copies of some s'ware, and can only assume NOF will be included. I can see a serial no. to enter on the 1&1 web site but no actual software to download...not NOF anyway.

I'll keep an eye on your posts mco!
Maybe another 'complete web beginners forum' on the horizon? he he.


Ah. I feel more positive already.

Also, now I am waiting for the domain name to come over to 1&1, will there be a period when the current business card I have with Easyspace will not be there until I publish the new site?

  Forum Editor 15:50 06 Oct 2005

Well, that depends. If all you want is a straightforward site, with images, text, and perhaps a response form, I would recommend that you begin with NOF.

FrontPage (the 2003 version) is probably one of the two best site design applications on the market - the other being Macromedia DreamWeaver. You'll hear a lot of talk about DreamWeaver being far better than FP, but believe me that's rubbish. FrontPage still suffers from a bad reputation gained in previous versions. A few years back it was certainly true that FrontPage was a quirky, code-bloating directionless kind of a program, and many people have avoided it ever since. That's a pity, because the newest version - FrontPage 2003 - is absolutely superb, and leaves DreamWeaver standing when it comes to working with data sources.

If you think you might want to do just that bit more with your site, go for FrontPage, but frankly I believe you would be best advised to work with NOF in the beginning - FrontPage will still be waiting when you're ready to try it, and as has been said, it isn't at all difficult to learn.

As far as the domain name transfer goes - once you've completed the formalities, and the name has been retagged to HEART by your current host it will take up to 24 hours before your site can be seen on the Internet. That's because the Domain Name Servers (DNS) around the world have to propagate the name's new location to their databases, which are updated on a 24 hour cycle. Until that happens they won't know where to send url requests for your index page.

  nick_j007 19:16 06 Oct 2005

That's great thanks very much.

In that case I shall await for my disc with NOF on it!

I suppose just to pose another question that there's nothing stopping me using 1&1's packages for putting together a smart yet simple site, then build a new one with NOF and upload that in its place once done?

Oh dear, I am at the beginning eh?!



  Forum Editor 19:28 06 Oct 2005

nothing wrong with doing that at all.

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