1&1 Hosting - billing dispute

  Frows 13:45 31 Jan 2011

1&1 are trying to charge me £962 for traffic when my average website traffic is around 260MB daily - and for three days in December they are suggesting I used 172 GB !!
I have currently received neither explanation or refund from 1&1 (they deducted the sum from my bank account)
What organisation or authority would it be best to try and chase this through please ?
Thank you.

  Terry Brown 14:57 31 Jan 2011

First I would ask them to supply proof that you have used that amount of traffic and the times that it was used.

If they cannot (or will not) supply proof, then you will need to check with your ISP (Internet Service provider), about the usage on your account.

For dispute, I would suggest as a first step, have alook at this page click here and take it from there.

  Frows 15:23 31 Jan 2011

Thanks Terry - appreciate the link.
PlusNet is my ISP - but of course visitors to the website - which I presume is the traffic which 1&1 have charged me for - would not necessarily show on my broadband provider useage. My broadband useage has been within 20GB every month.
They are so far refusing to tell me how the traffic went from around 260MB daily for 8 years, to 98GB in 3 days !

  Terry Brown 13:58 01 Feb 2011

There is a possibility that your account has been compromised (other people have access to it)and it is being used as part of a botnet to access other peoples computers, in which case you would end up paying the bill for 'Traffic'.

Suggest you immediatley change your security access details and check any secure (private) information on your computer.

You should be able to see (on your computer) what traffic was used and when.

As your usage is within 20gb eack month, set a limit with 1&1 to that maximum amount.


  spuds 14:43 01 Feb 2011

You could ask for advice from these two
Nominet click here
Consumer Direct click here

  Frows 16:50 01 Feb 2011

Thank you for the links - much appreciated and may well prove useful if 1&1 do not play ball.
The traffic is visitor traffic to my website hosted by 1&1; not my broadband traffic (Plusnet).
I can monitor both traffics - the 1&1 traffic has been back to normal ever since the three days in December ... this may be a mistake on their part which they are denying - or a scam on their part - either way nearly £1000 is a lot to be out of pocket !

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