1&1 Home package and URL from another package

  S2000 11:38 05 Nov 2005

Hi I could really do with some help here which I just don't seem to be able to get from 1&1. I have been sold 2 separate packages from them. Package A is two domain names; package B is their home package. I simply want to see the 2 domain names of package A when I am working with package B as I want to use one of those domain names as my URL. Same company, same geographical storage location. How difficult can that be?

  Forum Editor 13:10 05 Nov 2005

you have purchased two 'packages'. If you bought two domain names, and have one of them hosted, you can point the second domain name to it.

Maybe I have the wrong end of the stick - in which case perhaps you can supply more information?

  spuds 13:16 05 Nov 2005

I assume that you have purchased 2 basic domain names as 'package A', and a hosting programme as 'package B'. Shouldn't be difficult, use control panel.

If you have purchased 'package B' hosting programme with a 'free' domain name, then things maybe slightly more difficult.

What did 1&1 advice!.

  S2000 16:26 05 Nov 2005

Thanks for your responses. Like you both suggest I don't see why either. The first package contains a .com extension so I want to use this as the primary site url for everything with the others just pointing to this. I spoke to 1&1 three times and was told, three times, that I had to use control panel to transfer these to package B at a cost of around £10 (The same cost as buying them new). Now this I could understand if I were transfrerring from another registrar but they're both with 1&1 so it seems ridiculous. You, however, both indicate categorically that I can; which is heartening at least. If I went to control and pointed the 2 package A URls to package B somehow, when I go to package B they will both be available in the drop down lists. Is that the case? If so my final question should be, what exactly do I point them to - what data should I type in the box? Can't begin to tell you how gratifying it is to find some help. I don't doubt that as a process this is actually all a piece of cake. Its just finding someone with the ability to show you properly in the first place. Kind regards

  Forum Editor 14:15 06 Nov 2005

exactly what it is you want to do with these names.

If you want to use one of the domain names for a website, and you want the other name to point to it (that is, when you type the second name into a browser you want the site that's on the first name to appear) then you must have the first name hosted. That means that you have a hosting package in that name. Then you can arrange for the ohter name to point to it. You can do that very easily in your control panel, and 1&1 will tell you how to do it if you have problems.

I don't have an account with 1&1 (although I used to, at one point), so I can't access a control panel to give you a step by step guide. I found the 1&1 custopmer service people pretty helpful however.

  S2000 10:00 07 Nov 2005

Many thanks that's nice and concise I feel we're almost there now so as you suggest I'll tell you exactly what I want to do.
1. Package A = 2 domains. Granthamhypnotherapy.com and granthamhypnotherapy.co.uk no web space

2. Package B = a web hosted site - home package -comes with a free .co.uk url and now has name of lincolnshirehypnotherapy.co.uk

Both seaprate packages.

i want the site to be known as granthamhypnotherapy.com and no matter what anyone does or finds in a seach - that name always appears as the url.

Sadly my expereinces with 1&1 have not been so fotrunate as yours. Thier package is good but heir support seems inadequate and disinterested. There are quite a few people saying that it may be that your extant knowledge made things easier perhaps ?

Thanks for you time ad help

  hargranules 14:10 13 Jun 2006

Hi I work in It and have been asked to help someone set up a website. The only experience I have is uploading details to my old website but I did not build it, just regularily updated it using cute ftp.

My questions are:

Where should i purchase domain names from.

Who would be a good web hosing company

How do i know how much space i need

What is a good (free) program to design website with.

I really want to be able to do this but I am a bit lost at the mo, there are so many different companies out there.

Thanks in advance for your help

  spuds 15:51 13 Jun 2006

It is best to start your own thread, hijacking this thread will most probably bring you limited results, considering all that you are requesting.

  hargranules 18:07 13 Jun 2006

oops sorry mean't to start new thread. Wondered why i got no replies

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