1&1 customer service problems

  Forum Editor 23:19 06 Sep 2004

Following our forum threads regarding 1&1 customer service problems I wrote a personal email yesterday to Jan Friebe, the 1&1 head of customer services. I expressed our dissatisfaction with the level of response we've experienced since reaching an agreement with 1&1 that they would work with us directly via the forum.

Jan called me today, and we had a long discussion about the best way to deal with these matters in the future. Jan explained that with 3 million customer accounts under his care he simply isn't going to have enough time to deal with each and every case himself, and the agreement we reached is that we'll handle future issues as follows:

1. In the first instance any forum member who has a problem with their 1&1 account will attempt to obtain resolution by contacting the 1&1 customer services team in the normal way - either by email or by phone. Virtually all problems are resolved in this way.

2. If, after you've tried this approach you still haven't achieved anything you should post a thread in the forum giving brief details of the situation. It may be possible for one of us to offer help or advice. If at the same time you send your account number to me by email I'll forward it direct to Jan Friebe, and he'll nominate a member of his team to deal directly with you until the problem is solved to your satisfaction. You can then update us via your thread.

I've asked Jan to look into the outstanding matters that have been the trigger for our concern, and he's promised to do just that. If anyone involved wants to send me their account number with a brief synopsis of the present state of their problem I'll be delighted to pass the information on.

I felt that Jan was sincere in his desire to help, he admitted that he hadn't realised the full extent of some of the problems, and he impressed upon me that 1&1 intended to work hard to ensure that there could be no repetition. There is apparently a fairly big problem with failed credit card payments - many people open accounts and then aren't able (or willing) to maintain the payments as they fall due. In response to our concern Jan has confirmed that in the future no account will be arbitrarily locked - 1&1 will contact the account holder by email with a warning that action is about to be taken to lock the account in question. This will give people time to make contact and resolve any confusion if it's occurred.

After a conversation that lasted over half an hour I confess I felt reassured by Jan's obvious intention to get to grips with the problems we've raised - the proof of the pudding will be in the eating however, and perhaps you'll let me know if you want me to take any further action on your behalf.

  Taran 02:25 07 Sep 2004

It is nice to see yourself/PC Advisor pursuing such an interaction with 1&1 and I hope something useful comes out of it.

If the information bounced around in this forum over the last few days is anything to go by though, I'd say that 1&1 have their work cut out.

I doubt that anything they can do will reassure certain members of this forum that their sites will be in any way safe with 1&1 over the long term. If they (1&1) manage to improve their future handling of customer complaints though, at least something positive will have come out of so many negatives.

I'll be keen to keep tabs on this and observe its direction and developments.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 10:41 07 Sep 2004

after a month. Not a word of explanation though! I had already answered the customer service questionaire before I read this thread (kept calm and used no expletive deleteds).

Let's hope this has helped make a difference to their service, although I may still cancel my account with them, there are a lot of other good hosts out there. We'll see.

  Forum Editor 21:03 07 Sep 2004

that in such matters actions speak louder than words. The fact that you've got your sites back online Barry is because I specifically asked Jan Friebe to look into your case. He said he would, and he's obviously been as good as his word. Of course the problem shouldn't have happened in the first place, but it did - that's in the past, and I hope that we can look for better things from now on.

Like Taran, I'm going to see how things go. For the time being I've reconsiderd my earlier decision to move my hosting accounts elsewhere - as you say, we'll see.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:35 07 Sep 2004

for pointing him in my direction, although I am a bit worried now as they still haven't taken the payment and I don't want to go through that situation again!

Thanks FE

  Forum Editor 00:55 08 Sep 2004

but you know what to do if there's any further trouble.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 11:04 08 Sep 2004

Tear my hair out? Suicide?

  Forum Editor 16:10 08 Sep 2004

over a web host. Contact your friendly neighbourhood forum.

  Patr100 18:17 08 Sep 2004

Well, I am still waiting for some contact from 1&1 , let alone a resolution of my problem.
I obviously don't want to contact 1&1 Customer/tech support again for a fourth time to be told incorrect or irrelevent information or that it it all very simple and can be done from my Control Panel . Cause it can't.This has been as I mentioned in my thread, an issue for months.

While I appreciate FE's efforts on this I trust jan Friebe has assigned someone to my case but unless I see some action pretty soon I will have to consider taking the domains elsewhere.

  Patr100 18:24 08 Sep 2004

I have just now received an email from 1&1. I will keep you informed.

  Patr100 18:42 08 Sep 2004

This is getting very tiresome.

The email said:

"If you would be so kind as to log into your control panel and then from choose the option to upgrade your package then this should resolve the problem. i will arrange for you to be entitled to go to the Instant domain registration package, this will be allowed for only 7 days."

I have just logged in and tried to follow the instructions and the option for instant Domain is STILL not there. the options for upgrade are exactly as before

:Instant Mail .

Instant Website

MS Home .

Home .

MS Business .


MS Professional .


Again it supposed to be So simple.......

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