Holographic_man 21:16 08 Mar 2004

I have looked at many hosting web sites but the one that appeals is 1&1
I already use NetObjects FUSION so the software wont be the fundamental reason for going with but it would upgrade my present one.

I like the Home Package at £4.99, it does have a bewildering ammont of extra's that I may never need but I think it is the one to go for.

What are your comments please.

Thanks Adrian

  Gaz 25 21:58 08 Mar 2004

Used 1&1 many times, they have provided excellent products and services at low prices.

Aftersales support is also quite good.

  Patr100 23:10 08 Mar 2004

They are a long established very reputable company and no minumum contract so you can move if you don't like them but I doubt you will want to.

  tbh72 23:14 08 Mar 2004

Is that 4.99 per month? click here have some excellent packages from a mere 19.99 per year, all with free domain name registration.

  Forum Editor 23:32 08 Mar 2004

both a Windows and a Linux business package with this company, and have been impressed with the server management. If I have one small criticism it's that they are pretty awful at dealing with emailed support enquiries. You can usually get through on the phone however, so it's not a deal-breaker.

  Holographic_man 23:56 08 Mar 2004

wow nice deals tbh72 I am planning a web site for myself on stone circles and the £19.99 package fits the bill thanks.

Going back to 1&1 price is not a problem as the site is for a floral fund web site and I already have sponsors. I need to satisfied that the money spent will give me a reliable service.

I did ask a question via e mail and after 3 days got a reply. I must admit I was a little disappointed but I have waited longer in the past for information from other's, thanks forum ed! I think if you are with them they must be reasonable.

Thanks Adrain

  tbh72 00:21 09 Mar 2004

Ummmm, can I just add, even though money is no object you should still look for the most suitable host. After all, you could save valuable pounds which could be spent better else where.

Hostplus support is fantastic, I would recommend telephone support above all else. However, if the written word is your thing then they have operator's ready to chat via their internet based systems.

Whilst the likes of 1and1 have been around for many years I believe hostplus to be one of the NEW companies to offer serious compitition. And will continue to offer them my support / money.

  Holographic_man 08:20 09 Mar 2004

Thank you tbh72 I will be going with 1&1 for my main site as I think this offers all that I need.

I will however be going with Hostplus for my second site, I have spent more time looking at them and they offer a great service.

Oh by the way I was one of the ones that bought a Multi vision Lap top just after xmas, hope it does not break down!

  whatsupdoc 08:27 09 Mar 2004

after people on pca recommended 1and1 i took the plunge and bought several domains and the starter host package. everything is so easy to set up and use, i would recommend them to anyone.

  Sir Radfordin 10:26 09 Mar 2004

Never had any problems with One&One but unlike the FE I've found that the email support is as requried. Ok, it sometimes takes a day to get a reply but I've always had helpful stuff back. Their control panel for admin is so simple to use, as is the webmail access you get. Can't fault them really.

  Forum Editor 19:22 09 Mar 2004

as far as I'm concerned anyway - is their server management. They have one of the most sophisticated data centres there is, and the really important things happen when you need them to. OneandOne give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and it doesn't get any better than that quite honestly. That kind of service guarantee is only possible with a serious investment in hardware and the operating environment, and this company spent £15 million on its data centre.

I used another hosting company for years, and I've still got some sites with them, but all the new stuff is going onto the OneandOne space.

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