10" Tablet

  morddwyd 12:09 26 Jan 2013

Still can't make up my mind between the Nexus 10 and the iPad.

I've had the use of a Galaxy Tab 7" for a week or two, and I must admit I'm less than impressed with Android as a tablet O/S, though I like it on my smartphone.

Is it likely to be any better on the larger screen, in its latest incarnation, or do I ignore the reviews and go for the iPad?

I'm not particularly bothered by the price difference (someone else is paying!), but I do want the best.

  QuizMan 12:20 26 Jan 2013

morddwyd I cannot help you with your question, but I shall follow this thread with interest as I am in the same quandary.

I have always been part of the anything-but-apple brigade, but I was speaking to a friend last night who was of the same ilk, but it now an iPad convert. His view is based on the vast variety of apps that are available via Apple that you cannot get with android.

  Woolwell 12:38 26 Jan 2013

IMO the best is the iPad. Best screen quality and it's easy to use. Drawback is the lack of flash and slow loading of this site.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:31 26 Jan 2013

A 10 inch tablet would be hard to swallow :0)

they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away - so no need for the tablet then :0)

Seriously though if someone else is paying go for the ipad, easier on the eyes, more apps, the only downside is connectivity - you need to buy adaptors for everything.

  john bunyan 13:49 26 Jan 2013

Have you read this thread? 10" Tablet

I short listed the Nexus and the iPad. The Nexus seems to have a good resolution , if rather less intense colours, and some subsidy from Google, However I was really annoyed that for weeks it was unavailable, and Google were very unhelpful in forecasting when it would be. I did like the compatibility between the Samsung (my grand daughter's 7") in word processing where their one downloads into Word. Not sure if the iPad has a Word app. In the end I think I will bite the bullet and pay up for an iPad in view of the accessories etc, and ease of connecting it to a TV for iPlayer etc.

  Woolwell 14:09 26 Jan 2013

john bunyan - The iPad doesn't have a Word app but you can get the Pages app (not free) which is good for editing, creating and reading Word documents. There are a few fonts missing but it changes them without trouble. Similarly there is Numbers for Excel and Keynote for PowerPoint although there is also Prezi for PowerPoint. All have to be downloaded. Using DropBox it is easy to transfer docs between iPad and PC.

  john bunyan 16:02 26 Jan 2013


Not a hijack - trying to give an input. Thanks, Woolwell, for input.

  morddwyd 19:39 26 Jan 2013


Not a problem, all information helps.

The one reservation I have with the iPad is connectivity. I;m not particularly bothered about media (I have iTunes on my PC anyway) but other files.

For instance, how do I transfer a Word document from my PC to the tablet?

With Android it's no problem, I simply transfer it via usb as a .docx file, but while I appreciate there are apps available, how is the file actually transferred? So far as I can ascertain the only common connector is the HDMI one.

  Woolwell 21:26 26 Jan 2013

You can connect the iPad to the PC by USB or wirelessly and use iTunes to transfer documents. Personally I prefer Dropbox.

You don't connect by HDMI to the PC but use the same cable that is provided for charging to connect to the PC. It has a Lightning connector at one end and USB at the other.

  morddwyd 10:06 27 Jan 2013

"You can connect the iPad to the PC by USB"

I thought one of the drawbacks of the iPad is that it lacks a USB connection.

Most of the reviews comment on it.

  bremner 11:05 27 Jan 2013

The iPad lacks the ability to connect a USB drive but of course it's connector whilst Apple at one end is straight forward USB at the other to connect to a computer.

As Woolwell has said this is one way to transfer files. Dropbox is another but I use the File Browser App which allows direct wireless connection to any on a shared folder or drive in a computer or on a network storage device.

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