10Mb / 100Mb What is the difference?

  carl-thomas 14:53 29 Aug 2005

Hi there, I have a 10Mb network card (Realtek RTL8029) I was just wondering if there is a difference between 10MB And 100Mb.What would be,If any , Difference when i change?I would appreciate any comeback what so ever thanks Carl-thomas.....

  selfbuild 17:34 29 Aug 2005

If your surfing the 'net then you wouldn't notice any difference.

If on the other hand you are transfering large amounts of data between PCs then you will notice a big difference.

  LastChip 17:40 29 Aug 2005

100MB is ten times as fast as 10Mb - in theory. In practice, it is not quite as straight forward.

Almost all networks are now 100Mb and some Gb (Gigabit) networks are coming on line.

However, it only makes a practical difference if you are moving large files across a network. Video files in particular require large "bandwidth", in other words, a higher number.

Even the fastest broadband connections are only two Mb, so ten is adequate for Internet access and normal file swapping.

  carl-thomas 18:22 29 Aug 2005

thank you both for your respones.

LASTCHIP:What about if i had a 6MB connection could my card slow things down then whilst file swapping?and would it be possible for me to email you, i feel you could help me with the problem i have?Again thanks :)

  LastChip 21:24 29 Aug 2005

problems are best solved via the threads, as it gives everyone the chance to offer input to your particular problem. But if you feel it would be helpful to e-mail me, please feel free and I'll do what I can for you.

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