10M broadband over USB

  cdb 14:39 19 Mar 2006

What's the fastest connection speed I should see over a USB connection? Apparently I'm on a 10meg connection now, but I'm only getting 470ishKb download speeds, which seems pretty poor.

I've just been informed it's "upto" 10meg which seems funny as my 3meg was 3meg and not "upto" 3meg

Thank you

  Hertz Van Rentyl 14:52 19 Mar 2006

I think the 10 Mb is when you are within a certain distance of the exchange, you appear to be on about a 4Mb connection using the well known "ball park figure" calculation. What line speed is indicated on your router/modem information. Needs looking into, know nothing about USB max speedsas I use a 2Mb connection, non USB.

  ACOLYTE 14:52 19 Mar 2006

Usually most providers will say "upto" whatever the connection is they don't usually guarantee that you will get that all the time.If the line gets a fault for example.They only have a finite amount of bandwith so if more people log on that changes and you may get a lower dload speed than you had before,usually tho you dont notice it,thats why they say "upto".

  cdb 15:00 19 Mar 2006

Guess I might as well downgrade to 2meg and save myself a tenner a month then. :(

  Softstag 16:14 19 Mar 2006

USB 1.1 should allow 12Mb/s; that should be enough for you connection. However for high speed, I would always recommend using an ethernet card.

Remember also, that a 10Mb connection is very fast and you might push the limits of servers connections that you are downloading from!

  Dipso 21:31 19 Mar 2006

Who is your provider? Is this ADSL or Cable? It sounds unusual for an ISP to provide 10Meg, 3Meg and 2Meg.

470Kb would be about right for what is also known as a 10x connection.

  Stuartli 23:48 19 Mar 2006

Basic USB modems can handle up to 8MB - you need to go for one of the later designs to be able to use faster speeds.

  helmetshine 08:53 20 Mar 2006


Sounds like you're with NTL,if your areas been upgraded you should be able to get more than 470KB's.I'm on the Blueyonder 10meg and tested mine by going to click here and d/loading the latest driver.You could always see what speed you get doing the same......doesn't matter whether you need them or not just check the speed you get and then delete them.I average around the 1000-1050 KB's from there.

The method suggested by Blueyonder to check your speed is to go to click here and do 4 simultaneous d/loads and total the speeds of all 4.

  cdb 11:51 20 Mar 2006

Sorry for the delay in replying.

I am with NTL, I was on 3meg cable and now they've allegedly upgraded it to 10meg.

I checked on the blueyonder page above and I got speeds of 770ish. I did get an improvement yesterday by plugging the modem into a usb2 port instead of the usb1 it has always been in.

  helmetshine 17:33 20 Mar 2006


Thats about 6megs coming down there so you've def been upgraded.Try a big d/load from someone like ATI who i linked to above or Microsoft,see what that shows.Your full speed would be about 1280 KB's but not all servers will support that speed anyway....the two above should get close tho.

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