1016 emails returned!

  jonmac 14:13 02 Oct 2007

I just checked my email and had to watch 1016 out of 1018 emails drop into my Inbox as returned emails. Returned that is to various people using the part of my email address after the @ sign but with something different before. This happened a week or so back too. Unfortunately I know my email address is available on at least one site so assume that's how this happens. Am I correct? I scanned my hard disks using s variety of things like my antivirus software, AVG, AVG Rootkit,Spybot, Adaware...all OK, so I assume they're not originating here.
So am I correct in thinking there's not a damn thing I can do about this?

  Jak_1 14:21 02 Oct 2007

It's all spam. Have to admit that is a rather large amount to get in one go! You need a spamwasher program. Have a look here :
click here

  Batch 14:45 02 Oct 2007

Depending upon who your ISP is and how your account name is used by their servers, you may be able to stop the download of the unwanted emails.

For example, I had an old freeserve account which was structured as:

[email protected] where the official account name is bbbbbbbb.freeserve.co.uk

If I logged in (using OE6) with an account name (not the email address) of bbbbbbbb.freeserve.co.uk I would get [email protected] whereas if I logged in with [email protected] I would only get mail addresses to [email protected]

The downside with this approach is that, eventually, my inbox at the ISP's server would become full with all the garbage and would not receive more mail. The only way round this is to periodically download the gumf or to sign in on webmail and delete the gumf that way.

Altenative is to get another email address / account.

  jonmac 15:55 02 Oct 2007

Thanks guys for the advice. Another 200 just appeared in the couple of hours or so, this is getting serious.
Looks like there's not much I can do then, apart from changing email address and that's a last resort.
Thanks again

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