100Mb LAN...... How?

  maanse 16:06 27 Mar 2008

I have 2 pc's (winxp) about 40m apart with a 10/100Mb switch (netgear FS605) in the middle (about 20m away from each pc). Trouble is i can only achieve speeds of 10Mbp/s. Both PC's have 100Mb NIC installed. If i try to force both NIC's to 100Mb i get 'network cable unplugged' so the only way is to force them down to 10Mb.

How can i increase the speed up too 100Mb? What hardware is required to do so? Product suggestions welcome.

All help greatly appreciated.

  ambra4 16:37 27 Mar 2008

You need to check that the network cards are set to 100Mbps

Right click on Local Area Connection Display Icon on task bar

Click Status-General-Properties

At the top of display the type of Lan card will be displayed

Click Configure-Click-Advanced Tab

Click- Connection Type-Change to Auto Sense or 100Mbps Full Duplex

  maanse 16:46 27 Mar 2008

Ive tried both cards set on Auto sense and set at 100Mb Full / Half duplex but with those options all i get is 'Network cable unplugged' The only way i can get any kind of connection is by using 10Mb Half Duplex.....

  ambra4 17:02 27 Mar 2008

You sure the cards are 10/100Mbps as it seems as they are 10Mbps

Is the light on the switch showing as orange

  ambra4 17:08 27 Mar 2008

Is the lan port build on the motherboard

update the lan card driver

  maanse 18:09 27 Mar 2008

They are deff 100Mb capable as they have been used previously at 100mb.

The lights are showing orange as expected as i have had to force both cards to run at 10mb.

How do i increase signal strength over CAT5E because im convinced that is the problem....

  ambra4 18:26 27 Mar 2008

Is there any way you can test the switch on a difference system or borrow a switch as I don't believe it the cabling as the max length from switch to PC is 100m and you only using 20m

"been used previously at 100mb"

With the same switch?

  maanse 21:58 27 Mar 2008

Yea it was the same switch. The only thing that has changed is one of the PC's moved further away. Which takes it up 2 20m away now.

Since that pc was moved i havent been able to get 100Mb

  ambra4 22:50 27 Mar 2008

Disconnect that pc from the switch and change lan card setting to auto on the other pc and see if that work it could be a bad Ethernet cable

  brundle 00:24 28 Mar 2008

Yes, buy some Cat5e or Cat6 cables

  maanse 12:57 29 Mar 2008

as ive already said, i am using cat5E.

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