100% use of CPU, and crashes.

  User-CDCF2885-6816-419B-B3140002FF3832B6 14:38 03 May 2004

I am running an older P3 449 MGhz 256 ram system for simple gaming and office uses.

I am havnig problems with my computers internal alarm.It beeps during complicate actions such as games rendering prior to complete system freezes/crashes.

To start with I thought it was down to overheating, I have checked fan speed, and temp and time of crashing simple old games (deus EX, Shogun total war) .This all seemed correct and no ab normalities. I discussed it back in Jan.

Although there was a pause between readings as I had to rebopot the system each time it crashed.This may have some bearing on the readings accuracy.

But I got Norton Systemworks and Sytem Doctor to monitor the uses and tasks.

I have noticed that quite often the high CPU use alarm comes up. With big red spikes on the graph.

This happens when I have just one or two apps open. Or Im writing an email. I cannot see any other tasks running, but my Hard drive seems to be running in the background constantly.

How can I tell if my CPU is damaged, underrunning or I am running hidden programs.

I am very frustrated at not being able to run, under speced games for my computer I know used to run on it.

Please help.

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