100% cpu use all the time? xp pro

  johnnyrocker 17:22 27 May 2004

i posted this earlier but it was resolved after a re boot so i ticked it, having just switched on again it is the same ie sluggish and this morning avg took 31 mins instead of the usual 7-9 ran all the usual spy sweeps and swat it all found nothing.
this evening it was just the same 100% cpu usage til i rebooted and it now happilyruns between9 and 30 percent. any ideas please.?


  Fruit Bat 17:27 27 May 2004

click here will help you see what services are running and using all your resources

  johnnyrocker 17:39 27 May 2004

useful site so have kept it but would not task manager give me much the same? and why does re boot resolve please?


  Fruit Bat 17:51 27 May 2004

when you run Adaware it states something like 23 process running but task manager only shows 1 or 2.
These are the background services that run, alot of which you can do without. something not found by adaware etc may be switching these on this site might give you a clue if services run as usage goes up.

  johnnyrocker 18:22 27 May 2004

dont think i have explained myself clearly, what happens is that when i first boot up machine is sluggish and taking 2-3 times as long to carry out any function and the cp useage is 100% (as defined by my comment that avg takes 31 mins to run instead of 7-9 mins) a reboot resolves all.



  hugh-265156 18:33 27 May 2004

open task manager and click processes

look at cpu and cpu time to see what is using the most maybe might give you a clue

  hugh-265156 18:36 27 May 2004


a scan with avg for me takes around 45mins at the moment.

it depends on how much you have on the drive.if only a few gigs it will not take that long.the more used space you have the longer it takes to scan.

  techpro 22:52 27 May 2004

click here is an excellent replacement for Task Manager that gives more info about processes. Without knowing which processes are using all the CPU it's hard to guess why a reboot solves the problem.

  Charence 23:15 27 May 2004

are you by any chance using MSN Messenger? And if you try to load I think you will find it is very slow.

Download AVG and check for virus/trojans. When I had virus, Norton could not find Trojan Horse Dialler.G. Only AVG could detect it. It also caused networking problems and I resolved it by reformatting system because AVG could not remove virus.

Also go to Processes in Task Manager and check for any unusual activity which may be using a large amount of processor speed.

Reboot stops all system processes and loads them up again when it boots. The longer you use a system, the more processes it accumaltes from the various programs which you may be using.

  woodchip 23:23 27 May 2004

JR why not stop your AV at startup, and run it manualy and start it before you connect to the net also ZoneAlarm that's what I do with nearly all my programs. Have you cleared startup in msconfig as much as you can

  dave_the_red 14:32 28 May 2004

Do you use dbpoweramp music convertor by any chance. If you do then that could be your problem. I will explain further if you do use it.
As i have had this problem and that was the culprit.


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