100% CPU Usage???

  osben 13:10 26 Apr 2004


I have recently installed XP onto my computer with 512k memory. I consider this to be running slowly and sometimes when I try to open a programme it takes forever to load if at all. A simple thing like bringing up Windows Explorer and then clicking on "C" drive take a long time when this happens.

A quick check using ctr-alt-del to bring up Windows Task Manager screen and then look at performance shows that the CPU usage is at 100%.

A check on the applications tab show no applications running. If I close down and restart the situation rights itself until the next time.

I wondered if I had a virus but several complete scans shows nothing. When I initally installed XP and then installed my virus scanner and it did it's initial scan it showed that I had the "Lovesan" virus which the virus scanner immmediately corrected and as I said there have been no reports of a virus since.

Has anyone got any idea as to what this could be.


  ThePharcyde007 13:16 26 Apr 2004

512K ram interesting, dont you mean 512MB! or 51200K!

Sometimes its quicker to format and start again instead of trying to find the route cause. If you have loads of software installed which starts on startup, this could be your problem. Run regedit from the run menu and under the startup tab try disabling any unwanted programs.

Installing windows over the top of a original installation is not recommended.

Also you could try defag the harddrive aswell as disc cleanup within drive space.

Might help might not, but if I was in the simular situation, I would format and start again creating a empty partition on your harddrive with something like partition magic to save any files you want to keep.

Very much doubtful its a virus, a quick check with a virus scanner will determine this.

Hope this helps

  osben 13:23 26 Apr 2004

!!Whoops!! slip of Typing finger. yes of course 512Mb.

I did format the H/D before installing XP

Thanks for your response

  ThePharcyde007 13:33 26 Apr 2004

What processor and mobo have you got?

  woodchip 14:03 26 Apr 2004

Is the CPU working at correct speed right click on My Computer Properties to find out

  moore_mat 14:24 26 Apr 2004


While you have the Task Manager open, click on the "Processes" tab, then click on "CPU" at the top. This will arrange all the programs running on your computer into the order of how much CPU time they are using (and as such changes every second!). Scroll to the very top or bottom (depending on whether it's ascending or decending) and you will see the "process" that is using the most CPU time. Post that name back to us and we will see if it is a known bug/virus/trojan.


[email protected]

  NGE 14:30 26 Apr 2004

spyware sometimes creates the symptoms you have. Might be worth to run spybot to see.

  bertiecharlie 14:43 26 Apr 2004

If you follow moore_mat's advice, the following will help you to identify the process. click here

  inneedofhelp 14:48 26 Apr 2004

You could try running msconfig. Go into the run menu and type msconfig. Then hit the startup tab, and uncheck programs which you dont need to startup. This will help free memory up.

  osben 14:53 26 Apr 2004

At the moment the CPU usage seems low and I do not seem to have a problem.

NGE I have run spybot and it shows no problems.

Moore_mat I did as you suggested and there does not seem to be anything out of the ordinary at the moment. CPU usage is approx 4% and the largest CPU usage is "System Idle Process" using 98k Most others are empty.

I have also use a programme called Stinger which is supposed to compliment Anti Virus software and it also has shown no problems.

Pharcyde007 - I have an AMD 1.4Ghz Motherboard is an Asus A7a266

  moore_mat 14:55 26 Apr 2004

Hi osben

Yes, you won't notice anyhing out of the ordinary when the overall process is low. Just wait out, and let us know the process when it goes bezerk! No rush! :-)

[email protected]

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