100 % CPU -LSASS

  livewire 21:40 08 Feb 2005

LSASS.exe keeps using up 100% of my CPU for no paticular reason.

I have checked all common causes incluidng Spyware and the like and all has been reported as OK.

I cant seem to figure it out?? There are no unusual services or processes running and seems to occur randomly- even when no on the internet.

Any ideas?

  Alan H E 21:47 08 Feb 2005

What have you checked so far and what spyware & AV software have you used?

  Alan H E 22:00 08 Feb 2005

Another thought have you got a firewall? Do you know if it is trying to access the net?

  livewire 22:03 08 Feb 2005

At the moment I have Checked with:

Ad-aware and Microsoft AntiSpyware.

My Real-time Scanners include:

Norton Internet Security 2004 Professional, Prevx Home and Microsoft AntiSpyware.

All have Real-time scnnaer and are all up to date. My last virus scan was 2 days Ago - No Probs. Spyware scans have only turfed up 4 bad cookies..

  stalion 22:05 08 Feb 2005

scan with this I think you have the sasser worm in your systemclick here

  livewire 22:06 08 Feb 2005

LSASS does not appear to be accessing the internet acording to the NIS Network Statistics window...

  Alan H E 22:06 08 Feb 2005

put lsass.exe into google you have an infection!

  livewire 22:07 08 Feb 2005

lsass - lsass.exe - Process Information

Process File: lsass or lsass.exe
Process Name: Local Security Authority Service

lsass.exe is a system process of the Microsoft Windows security mechanisms. It specifically deals with local security and login policies. Note: lsass.exe also relates to the Windang.worm, irc.ratsou.b, Webus.B, MyDoom.L, Randex.AR, Nimos.worm which spread via floppy disk drives, mass-mailing and peer-to-peer sharing. Please review file path for clarification of this.

Isn't this a Genuine process?

  livewire 22:09 08 Feb 2005

I dont have the Sasser virus acording to Norton and I have not expirenced the RPC vulnerabillity????

  Alan H E 00:19 09 Feb 2005

Have you tried Stalion's suggestion - one of the effects mentioned re Sasser is denial of service I think = you could try Symantecs web site they might have a removal tool for sasser.

  Alan H E 10:14 09 Feb 2005

Have now found more info. As your AV doesn't show it check windows folder for aserve.exe or aserve2.exe if there go to securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.sasser.removal.tool.html . After that is done go to click here .Download & apply patch.

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