1 phone line 2 routers distance

  User-1259492 22:37 18 Apr 2008

Hi I'm hopeing someone out there can help me this may have been answered before.

we live in a fairly large house and i can not detect the wireless network with the laptop.

Lets sum this up
I can connect to the internet in the house it is a big old farm house wirelessly.
I have a caravan about 30 meters away behind a barn which i use as my office and retreite place.
I can easily run an extra phone line over there and put another router on the end of it but not a network cable.

Will 2 routers work on the same phone line same isp?
As the comp in the house is on most of the time as well
Any advice would be very appreciated
Or alternatives.

This got to be the cheapest way as i have hade to move back to the parents as i have split up with wife and she is milking me dry.

  ambra4 23:20 18 Apr 2008

“Will 2 routers work on the same phone line same isp?”

Yes you can have 2 router on the same line, BUT you would not be able to use both at the
same time you will have to turn one OFF to use the other one or disconnect the phone
line from the one not being used.

Your ISP modem will not be able to synch with TWO Modem/Routers on the line it will only synch with one at a time

  setecio 09:34 19 Apr 2008

Why can't you run a network cable out .... bury it or suspend it and don't worry about quality or weatherproofing, an indoor cable would work fine and just replace it if it goes wrong (keep in mind for future problems). Buy a reel of cat5e and some RJ45s and a crimp tool, or get a custom made to length (+extra 10m).

  User-1259492 23:05 19 Apr 2008

Hi Many thanks for your replies.
I think the only way forward is network cableing it i should get away without cat wire.
I was looking at these plug in network devices but been told that these are not much cop.
Also looked at these belkin range extender access points. or external aerials.
But prob with old properties is these extra thick walls ie near 1m thick.
How about is there a sender for external walls and a receiver that i could put outside they could beput in direct line of site of each other?

Many thanks again

  rossgolf 23:09 19 Apr 2008

you can buy a wifi extender...a main router, then another box that looks liek a router but actually picks up the wifi signal and then transmits it again

  MCE2K5 01:24 21 Apr 2008

Is click here This any good to you.

  dms_05 15:06 21 Apr 2008

Homeplug (that's networking over mains 240v cable) only works if you are on the same Phase, perhaps you have more than one Phase coming into you property - if it's just one then Homeplug might be the easiest solution.

If the antenna on your router is a screw type then you can buy all sorts of WiFi antenna to help boost range - sometimes upto 5km.

However if you can manage to run the Cat5 cable you will get a simple and reliable connection. Have a look on ebay for a made up cable - I bought a 50m one for under £10 delivered.

Hope it works well!

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