1 PC running two networks, one wired one wireless

  alexgray104 18:03 28 Feb 2007


I have recently setup a wireless network which can share files and allow me to use the printers connected to the "fileserver". All this was working fine until I bought another PC. Its located right next to the fileserver, so I thought 'lovely, no messing with wireless here, just stick a crossover cable on'. This unfortunately is where it went horribly wrong. When I share the fileservers wireless internet connection, to allow the wired PC to recieve internet, it knocks out the rest of the network. The 'shared' folder, which is located on the server is inaccessible to all wireless computers, ie only the crossover connected one can talk to it. Also it won't let me do Remote Desktop Connection when the other one is connected. If you click "don't share internet connection", then all peace is restored and everyone can talk to eachother, except of course the wired one which as well as no shared folder/printer access, also doesn't have internet. So what I'm really asking is that is it okay to use a mixture of crossover cable + wireless connection on the same computer, and if so, could somebody point me in the right direction of it working please :P
If its something horribly complicated, do you reckon I should purchase a wireless adaptor for the new PC? (it just seems a waste of 15 quid when theres a computer with sharable internet sitting right next to it!)

Every PC in network running XP Pro, a mix of Media Center (pro SP2) and Pro SP1.

Cheers in advance,


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